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Thursday, February 5, 2009

unique is NOT straight!

It had been a while since my last update. Tasks and things keep bundle up in me. Haiyoo… there’s not much for me to tell about my artworks, just couples of pictures showing that I can survive through art lesson. Believe me, there’s nothing STRAIGHT to me when it comes to ART. My drawings or any of the task would never include a straight line because I can never draw one. LOL. I remembered when my friends used to say that ART is windings and windings is ART.. just because..

When someone are asked to write a long answer on the board up front, the writings will either be high up or going down and down like the stock exchange rate at the Wall Streets or Basikal (BSKL in Malaysia). Huhu ^-^ it will never be as straight as the teacher used to write. So, to make things look good, it is soon considered as an ART; the unstable lines are ART.

So, living to the knowledge, my ART would never be STRAIGHT. haha

this watermelon is made using Collage technique.
it is from pieces of tissue papers dip in water colours and paste on each other
to become the shape of watermelon.

This piece of art is the Stamp technique which
uses any kinds of things,dip in colours and stamp it on papers.
for this one, I used straw, onion, ladies finger, banana leaves.

this piece is also a kind of stamp but we had to design by ourselves
the shape and shade so that it become that ART. =.=
for this one, I used potatoes to make the shapes of this SECRET GARDEN..

And this piece is made from stars papers. the technique is MOSAIC.
It has to be glued near to one another but never to be on each other.

huhu ^-^


yoshz said...

artsy fartsy jugak kau ni yer..

Anonymous said...

argghhh!!!my stars n also my GELANG!!hahha comey2

Anonymous said...

owg punye xsiap lg..huhu..

valsa nine said...

yoshz: artistica cam bese lerr.. nnt dtg la gallery arts aku yer.. kiki

anonymous a.k.a wadekek:
haha.. jgn kasi tau org, aku wat ART recycle je, xde kuar bajet ape2 pun. men kutip2 je.. kan JIMAT tu.. ekonomi kan xstabil skrg.. whahaha

stu_comot: awk takpe, org seni takes times.kan kan?produk aku dgn mu, jauh panggang dari api. hukk =.=

Syazzies said...

saya suka indah nye copan batik keke...mmg cam batik!

valsa nine said...

syazzies : huhu.. tu mmg first impression sazzy.. tq 4 d compliment :D glad to have it from u..