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Monday, August 9, 2010

sickness is good though..

Yes, when i was suffering of the some sickness back then, an ustaz told me a story. He said, it is good to have sickness, as a kafarah to the sins we've committed, with or without our knowledge. and also, he said that sickness He gave us, is to test us, to show that we are in the limelight of His Eyes, being watchful over us.. to test our love to Him and so many more. we just need to have some faith in His planning.

in my opinion, however, we need to also pray for being made at ease over things happened in our lives. we shall always habituate reciting 3 ayah at the end of Surah AlBaqarah, which can be summarised as a prayer to ease down the trials given to us as well as asking for forgiveness if we ever forget Him through His trials.

He, the ustaz, said that once, The Beloved Prophet Muhammad wanted to ask a lady for marriage. then, he was told that the lady was a very good lady and never had a sickness in her entire life. hearing that, The Beloved Prophet quits his intention. i want to highlight here, the important of being sick and in trouble. Allah is testing our love and patience, and being under His limelight, we are of good souls. we try to keep on surviving and keep on praying without fail. we increased our loves.

okay now, let's look at ones who doesnt have that sickness thingy. we kind of forget everything. we enjoyed ourselves to death. we eat, drink, sleep, and having fun. it is showed and portrayed in Syurga Cinta, in so many other movies. we can see the sinful acts we could be doing, if we were never tasted by Allah. so, be grateful of your condition of life, we might be from middle-class society, or perhaps, considered-poor community, but believe me, this world is going to end someday. DUNIA FANA. fana means tidak kekal, be grateful and try to increase your love towards Allah by praying at the beginning of time 5 times a day, pray in groups, pray in masjid and preferably, live in religion because Islam is the way of life. Do not separate what is should not.

as for month Ramadhan is coming, celebrate it and use it wisely. the world is dying and so do us. we may not see the next Ramadhan. so, fully utilise it.

hope this served as reminder for you and me. Allah Hafiz. remember; ALLAH always remembers you. He always loves you. so love him back. =)