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Monday, April 27, 2009

.:: Laskar Pelangi ::.

i just watched that movie on uploaded by jaguarlampung43.
it has 12 slots and the storyline is so unique and subtle.

i'm touched terribly by the movie. it's very refreshing and inspirational. it made me think and realise to be thankful to God for giving me opportunity to learn. yes, everybody has the right to learn. to have such motivation towards learning is so inspirational.

it gave the idea of "dare to dream" since we were given such opportunity and to realise our own potentials. it shows how we should believe in ourselves, dont doubt ourselves and anybody else's because we're learning... till death. human can change and human is a mysterious creature.

human were given power to dream, to achieve those dreams and to realise it. yeah, like the words motivation = to live with motive and take action to achieve it.

laskar pelangi is one of a kind. it has so many elements that is basic and significant in human's lives but yet, nobody pays attention to it since human tend to look at things in a very shallow ways these days.

look at Lintang. he said 'we have to have ambition, something to aim for in life'. he knew he may inherit his father's occupation as fisherman someday if anything happen, but tried so hard to "believe in himself" that he can change their lives. he has the power to believe. that's is most important in everybody's live.
now look at me. (hehe). i'm in the process of finishing my Degree studies. and i now feel as if i'm aimless already to live. it's obvious that i will obtain the name as degree holder and then what? hmm.. so live life with aim. once achieved, we can never stop. aim higher and higher. it's your self fulfillment or according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Self-actualisation. you realise your character and your own potentials. you live your life to the fullest with no regret.

i saw some quote saying that "one ideal to regret is to regret for not trying".. so,dare to try.. and .. dare to dream, have the power to believe in yourself... there's always ups and downs..and that's life. life is the perfect teacher for us to attain characterised personality to live in this world and hereafter.

remember to live wisely.. as this world is the farmyard of deeds for the true life in hereafter. may barakah shimmers its light in your heart. Thanks Allah for this opportunity.

Friday, April 24, 2009

guruku tersayang..terima kasihku..

hari ni aku down gile. penat otak. sebab tadi supervisor observed aku. and aku tak perform. arghh.

eventhough she said dont take it to heart, there's still room for improvement bla bla. and me, chilling out on the surface said "it's okay madam. i'm learning. if no one positively critics me, how can i improved". hebat bukan? iye. my rational mind speaks out clearly at that time. but i was enticed to follow my heart. to scream out loud and release all the tension.

but i can only let my tears went down my cheeks when she left. but not in front of others to see how fragile i am. i'm not mad at the lower marks, i am mad at myself, for not able to give clear instruction, provide meaningful lesson as in correct grammar teaching. hellooooo! i'm an English teacher and i did not master English Grammar. come on la nisa. get a life!

tu lah prasaan aku le aku marah kat diri sendiri. aku kalo marah kat orang, aku blh rationalise balik and try to avoid them including NOT talking or seeing them so that i dont live in hatred, tapi bila aku marah kat diri sendiri (selalu gtu), cane aku nk buat? cane nk lari dari diri sendiri? cane taknak pikir pasal diri sendiri? hurm...

thanks farah yayum, arjun and ksya for your soothing talks and efforts.. it helps me a lot. ^-^
although i believe in my own concept of reverse motivation (will do better next time only if i'm better than others, not lower and if scored lower, i'll discard the effort and forget about giving any), i try my best to regain my SELF-RESPECT.

anyhow, credit to kaksya who showed me a song OST in laskar pelangi on appreciation to teachers from students. the songs really showed naivity and sincere. with that song, i remembered my students' faces who were satisfied in every lesson and happy and eager to learn from me .... in every following class i had with them. they came to me excitedly, asking what to learn next.

Regardless of my lecturer saying stuff for improvement (which i reckon needed for my own sake and will do something about it), the welcoming faces of my sweet little children will motivate me to create an interesting yet meaningful lesson in each period.

so, lets enjoy the song. hope your get the idea im seeing and saying. and dont forget to say something for me to go on in my teaching. i really2 need that. hope u guys can give me some pushing motivation. ^-^

Guruku Tersayang

pagiku cerahku,matahari bersinar
kugendong tas merah ku di pundak
slamat pagi smua ku natikan dirimu
didepan kls mu menantikan kami

guruku tersayang guruku tercinta
tanpamu apa jadiny aku
tak bisa baca tulis mengerti banyak hal
guruku terima kasih ku

nyatanya diriku kadang buat mu marah
namun segala maav kau berikan

slamat pagi smua ku natikan dirimu
didepan kls mu menantikan kami

guruku tersayang guruku tercinta
tanpamu apa jadiny aku
tak bisa baca tulis mengerti banyak hal
guruku terima kasih ku

nyata diriku kadang buat mu marah
namun sgala maav kau berikan

guruku tersayang guruku tercinta
tanpamu apa jadiny aku
tak bisa baca tulis mengerti banyak hal
guruku terima kasih ku

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

early practicum...

let's go through this thing fast and furious.. hehe (teringin nk tgk cte tuh.. owh!)

ok. yesterday, we were being introduced at the assembly and right after that, we (my partner and i) were asked to take over a relief class : tahun 1 Arif. being blurred and blocked, we asked them to sing the head and shoulder knee and toes after they introduce themselves to us. we asked them to call us my the name "miss".. so alyaa will be "Miss Alyaa" and me, Miss Nisa..


so, after that, we get to meet PK1, the one who responsible to discuss and give us timetable for 11 weeks we are there. the funny thing was, we did a drawlot, to know who got to teach what year. it was a long advice and introduction by pk1 which were very interesting and meaningful for us, the newbies in this business.

after a while, it is decided that i got year 5 English and Alyaa got year 3. For local studies, we both got Year 4. how interesting~!

so, we went to search the winning teachers who get us to replace their class. hehe. upon meeting local studies' teacher, i asked him if he can show me first how to conduct his class of 4 Arif. anyhow, he agreed and i smiled widely as the the universe (hehe) since i dont need to do a lesson plan for the class. malas! haha

today, i followed him to the class. it was very enthusiastic class where he managed the students well. and the students called him ustaz. it struck me straight to my heart and soul because he doesnt appear so. he's is more like abg wan su .. hehe. more like a metrosexual but manly la. senang cite, he's very kemas and yet strict yang gentle. unik kan? hurm, i like the way he teaches those children. class control in good. i learnt so much.

and at 1205 just now, i attended English class year 5 Arif, pretty much disappointed with myself of stating the lines "ok, take out your text book". i hate those line of work but i still uses it. you know why? because i dont prepare my material yet. for this whole week, i can say my heart will not fullheartedly give efforts to make a wonderful and meaningful lesson, something that is out of the text book. insyaAllah next week will be better.

although tomorrow i have (i mean the whole malacca) holiday, i still have classes on Thursday and Friday. dont forget the football meeting on 16th april. huhu

right now, i feel like going to recreational park or have some sweat-pouring activity. huhu. because i have too many sleep in my comfy one-room.. hehe.. oh ya, just now, i just finish the buddy-assistance for eTems teachers. haha.. it was an amazing experience to teach senior teachers about English. alhamdulillah the teachers are all friendly and welcoming. thanks Allah.

and now, i just feel like sleeping. but seeing the computer with internet, i feel like writing..keep updating.. since it might help me for my reflection in practicum portfolio. ^-^

last but not least, i want to wite a letter to a heart;

dear heart,

i really wish that i can say it straight to you,
that i miss you,
because everything in my mind is about you,
my heart palpitate insanely rapid,
that ache the chest i couldnt bare to hold..

i miss you so much,
but i dont have the gut to tell you so..
i want to love you,
because i feel it's okay to open my heart for you,
but i dont know you'll love me back or not,
and i'm afraid that i'll lose you..
or you'll leave or even hurt me..

this feeling is annoyingly sweet,
that i couldnt even erase your voice in my head
which already runs in my blood to my heart..

although i'd never met you,
you seems so near to me,
as if i can see through the distance
the smile you have for me.

believe me,
i smile whenever i think of you..
my heart ^-^

hugs and kisses,
-miss nisa-

Friday, April 10, 2009

bergambar di saat akhir di serindit

Gambar-gambar kali ini diambil sehari sebelum paper last untuk final exam yang last sekali untuk program TESL 6tahun ini..


inilah cinta kami.. ececece
begitulah alkisah baya-chan and mirako-sensei


kami memang suka beriadah di waktu petang lebih-lebih lagi di taman bukit serindit, melaka.

iye.. kami masih muda.. baru 24tahun.. hahahahaha

ini cinta kami.. (gambar hiasan jer ngeh ngeh ngeh)

aku pun serupa mahu bercinta.. tetapi aku sangat malu.. hinggakan baya-chan ketawa berbahak-bahak.. hihi ^0^

kami bertiga seakan chiken chop. chicken chop xsedap dimakan tanpa gravy/sauce nye dan mesti dimakan dengan fork and spoon.. kalo tidak, tak sedap. begitulah kami.. tanpa salah seorang.. dunia seakan malap.. fahamlah sape chicken, sape gravy, sape fork and spoon.. yang penting kami = chicken chop yang sedap. atau boleh di umpamakan seperti keenakan semulajadi ayam di Kenny Roger's.. (drooling..) slurp!

ohya, walau kami bertiga ni serious blogger, namun hanya mereka berdua yang sangat rajin menulis.. saya hanya suka membaca dan mengomen dan berfikir tentang menulis.. tapi.. hanya di dalam minda.. tidak direalisasikan sebab .. ntah. hihi

ohya, ini cerita di serindit.
huhu.. masa tengah jalan sorang2 untuk satu pusingan, saya terserempak seorang perempuan middle-aged, pakai baju hijau kaler macam the one dalam blog mr.kueh, tapi tulisan nye amat ketara perbezaan nye.

it shows C.I.A
ganas kan? tapi di bawahnya tertera

jeng jeng jeng

Certainly I'm Available

terus saya gelak sorang2. dah la masa tu masa saya rasa malu-malu. kih kih kih
ape da...

dan masa aerobik atau jogging atau jalan.. saya juga kerap kali terserempak dengan seorang lelaki yang kalo dari jauh kelihatan seperti Enrique Iglesias, iye.. siap dengan taik yang paling comel atas muka bumi ini.. mestilah taik lalat..

sungguh tak tipu. dengan perasaan kagum, saya pura-pura tak nampak dia tu, sebab mahukan kepastian, pernah sama jogging dan terserempak (iye la jogging bertentangan arah)..maka baru lah terperasan yang dia ni Enrique versi melayu..

mujur tak mintak autograph je.. hehehe

aerobik sangatlah best.. tapi itu hari sangan penat, hanya mampu main2 tangkap gambar dan gelak kuat-kuat dengan perasaan malu berkeliaran didalam hati.. keh keh keh..

ohya, ini petang akan saya naik lori bersama housemate saya untuk membawa diri ke jasin. kami pindah sebab kami ditempatkan untuk berpraktikum di SK Jasin. dokan kami ye.
baya, kamu jangan lupa saya ye. kamu tu selalu sibuk je memanjang.. mirah.. datang la umah aku di Jasin, bawak skali budak baya tu sama itu gadis ayu Sushi dan Farah.. hihi

ok lah.. saya mahu sambung mengemas. babai...
ohya.. C.I.A~~~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

we did it!!

exam baru je habis.
air mata masih ada ni.

sangat sedih sbb td last paper
last for the whole 6 years together
sedih sbb byk sgt memory bersama
tak boleh diungkap dengan kata
perasaan tidak dpt didefinisikan.

apa pun
aku akan tetap sayang kamu sume

with hugs and kisses,

Saturday, April 4, 2009

we're struggling... short 2009 planner...

i just came back from Kota Bharu to malacca this morning..
i took an 8pm bus ride and arrived at 620am at melaka central.
so, i'm here. hehehe

it had been a joyful week for me to be back to my hometown. i had a time-out with my siblings at the river front as well as beaches alongside northen Kelantan. i just love nature and serene scene. ^-^

so much so,
on 6th April straight to 9th, my friends and I will sit for our final exam as undergraduates. this is the last exam of 6 years studying for B.Ed TESL. it's been tremendous efforts and experiences for us which at last has come to an end. hopefully, this final exam will offer and grant us excellency academically, mentally and spiritually.

and starting 13th april, my partner and i will start teaching in 3months teaching practicum in SK Jasin, Malacca. so, we're moving out from our house in central malacca on 10th or 11th. we're not able to online for about a week or so, says my mother, as streamyx takes time to be transferred to.

and according to plan, we'll be posted to our permanent school shortly after practicum, which is on 1st August 2009. i hope to get a school which is at or nearer to my hometown and that's suits me, insya-Allah.

and on October, insya-Allah, we will be handed in our scroll of B.Ed TESL at IIUM by Tuanku Sultan Pahang for our Convocation Ceremony.

InsyaALLAH, everything will be better..

so girls, dont quit and keep on struggling.. live life to the fullest and get all the best! Keep a strong head up, young ladies! ^-^

p/s: hope to fill in the "tarikh kawen" also in this 2009 planner. huhu (gedik!)

here is the video shoot at the river front,
of ahmad and ili became the tourism promoter for the river front..
it's 10am and we went there right after breakfast of "Roti Cotek"

and i really hope that ahmad will recover from his on-and-off fever...

sleep sitting.. poor lovely and smart ahmad.
he said he dont like people calling him Afdhal..
because they tend to pronounce it as Afdhol..
and he'd been called names like "beledo"(jelly/agar-agar)
huhu ^-^ he just dont like to be called names..
no one does..

-miss u much, amad-