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Monday, April 27, 2009

.:: Laskar Pelangi ::.

i just watched that movie on uploaded by jaguarlampung43.
it has 12 slots and the storyline is so unique and subtle.

i'm touched terribly by the movie. it's very refreshing and inspirational. it made me think and realise to be thankful to God for giving me opportunity to learn. yes, everybody has the right to learn. to have such motivation towards learning is so inspirational.

it gave the idea of "dare to dream" since we were given such opportunity and to realise our own potentials. it shows how we should believe in ourselves, dont doubt ourselves and anybody else's because we're learning... till death. human can change and human is a mysterious creature.

human were given power to dream, to achieve those dreams and to realise it. yeah, like the words motivation = to live with motive and take action to achieve it.

laskar pelangi is one of a kind. it has so many elements that is basic and significant in human's lives but yet, nobody pays attention to it since human tend to look at things in a very shallow ways these days.

look at Lintang. he said 'we have to have ambition, something to aim for in life'. he knew he may inherit his father's occupation as fisherman someday if anything happen, but tried so hard to "believe in himself" that he can change their lives. he has the power to believe. that's is most important in everybody's live.
now look at me. (hehe). i'm in the process of finishing my Degree studies. and i now feel as if i'm aimless already to live. it's obvious that i will obtain the name as degree holder and then what? hmm.. so live life with aim. once achieved, we can never stop. aim higher and higher. it's your self fulfillment or according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Self-actualisation. you realise your character and your own potentials. you live your life to the fullest with no regret.

i saw some quote saying that "one ideal to regret is to regret for not trying".. so,dare to try.. and .. dare to dream, have the power to believe in yourself... there's always ups and downs..and that's life. life is the perfect teacher for us to attain characterised personality to live in this world and hereafter.

remember to live wisely.. as this world is the farmyard of deeds for the true life in hereafter. may barakah shimmers its light in your heart. Thanks Allah for this opportunity.


kueh bakar said...

hepi belated besday....

mahu tgk jugak la laskar pelangi tu...

valsa nine said...

huhu.. g r tgk .. best.. kamu kan cutii. heee

tenkiu.. mau hdiahh hehe

kueh bakar said...

meh la dtg amik...eskerim padle pop dah ler..kuikuikui

valsa nine said...

adeh.. ade bisnes byk, kasik eksrem je?

ehehe.. okeh.. janji hadiah. kamu mesti ikhlas tapi. hehe