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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

isk.. (this is what the frontpage of the "knocked-up" movie.. cannot be played unless i am to use this damn 3wplayer-induced-wif-worm) costed me 700mb space, and now i shall just delete it. (^-^) ... dengan bangga nye.. thanks wikipedia.. again for the info

i'm shocked to know that this kind of sofware nearly affected my dearest kurosagi-kun(muh beloved PC)..

it is needed to view movie 'knocked up'... ai download thru Ares.. since i hve difficulties downloading using U-torrent, so i resorted to direct download e.g Ares. hurm.. dat's why when i tried to instal 3wplayer, my kaspersky detected the obfuscated worm.. *-*

here i copied the informative link from good old wikipedia. Job Well done. i thank y'all.

3wPlayer is a rogue media player software application bundled with trojans that can infect computers running Microsoft Windows. It is designed to exploit users who download video files, instructing them to download and install the program in order to view the video. The 3wPlayer employs a form of social engineering to infect computers. Seemingly desirable video files, such as recent movies, are released via BitTorrent or other distribution channels. These files resemble conventional AVI files, but are engineered to display a message when played on most media player programs, instructing the user to visit the 3wPlayer website and download the software to view the video. The program is bundled with malware that has various undesirable effects.
The 3wPlayer is infected with Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.en, which is typically installed without user interaction through security exploits, and can severely compromise a users' system security. Such risks may open illicit network connections, use polymorphic tactics to self-mutate, disable security software, modify system files, and install additional malware. These risks may also collect and transmit personally identifiable information (PII) without a users' consent and severely degrade the performance and stability of the computer.[1]
A perl script posted online can reportedly decrypt 3wplayer files back into AVI.[2] This claim has been tested with mixed results, as the intended AVI file is rarely the desired video file. Users are encouraged to delete the file from their hard drive.

Monday, September 24, 2007

TESL Community Weekend


Tesl Community Weekend had ended quite some time ago, held on 7-9 sept 2007. it is conducted and organised by TESL students in UIA and participated by other TESL students from various university such as UiTM, UUM, UPM and UKM.

i may say it was a successful programme and we, committee are so damn proud of it. and personally, i as the Project Manager, am overwhelmed by the successfulness of the programme.

this programme involved an Explorace Challenge, rendering around IIUM itself and the manjor event, Inter-Varsity Theater Competition. I am so proud fo Explorace Challenge Committee as well as its Programme Coordinator for a successful join-venture/collaboration with Adventure Club, Cycling Club, Rowing Club and Task Force under Student Development Division, IIUM.

isk.. enough for such formality..

the things is within explorace, the committee managed to offer Flying Fox, Abseiling, Cycling, Rowing as well as Fear Factor Food.. huhu.. it's good for health.. xder la spi vomitting ke ape kan..

pasal teater tu.. every team has their own uniqueness.. they have their strengths as well as weaknesses..

personally, i like all the performance but i cant help myslef fancy more for the UIA Cohort 3 team with their Romeo, Juliet and the Coffee.. it's soo entertaining and i cant help (again) myself from laughing although i've watched the play almost a year ago. it is so significant throughout the event as it was editted to suits the environment and audience.

these are some wonderful remarks from their play;

  • sarange (the korean's love, i guess)

  • sob sob (internet chat of expressing crying)

  • the black parade (with showing the chemical romance black parade's shirt.. actually he(its a she) nak cakap the black crusade.. hehe)

  • " it seems like we just met yesterday, Juliet"..."It IS yesterday, Romeo") hehe

and so many more i couldnt describe.

the most important thing is.. we enjoy ourselves and this experience taught us a lot.. !

mmuach TCW 2007..! TESLIANs ROCK!