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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Munajat Cinta ?!! .. hmmm

I would like to share with you guys, a melidious yet deep meaning song called Munajat Cinta. It's all about asking GOD to bless him/her with someone who could appreciate him/her back. Someone that will be good for; who cared for him/her.

This song; Munajat Cinta, sang by Ahmad Dhani and The Rock, is a
Ahmad Dhani's new project. Australian and Indonesian musicians working together in harmony to publish a song... asking God for the perfect someone to love...

And I found this song which was sung by an American girl. It's good for her to actually sing the song although using Malay Language with slang. Amazing isn't? segoiii!!! <-- as Japanese puts it! hehe ^-^

and I found an edited kind of remix for the song, although with some off keys , he really did a good attempt out of it. enjoy!

p/s: Thanks youtube for these videos! hehe =P
p/s2: dedicated to one of my sweetfren, JoJo a.k.a Kiera.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

visual art class for teacher to be!

Our final year comes with new subjects that are enjoyable and interesting.
surprisingly, we are equipped with creative subjects such as Teaching Visual Arts in Primary School. In this subject, we are exposed to variety of arts techniques. Therefore, we Love Our Homework for Visual Arts because we all together immersed during the activities! we smudged each other with ink and colours .. and we like it! =p

we like to enjoy ourselves just like children in school despite our age and even some already married. Being TESLians make us know no age! Enjoy whatever we have to achieve success .. afar..


go Jerin!


hm.. attention to the girl in pink, Miss Qila! haha

and these are my final products! hahaha

smudgy pieces of art!


Homework, I Love You

When I google the net and asked my friend for the poems to add on my assignments, I came across this direct yet cynical poem. It very interesting as homework is viewed from the cynical perspectives of its role in human lives!.. enjoy!

Homework, I Love You

by Kenn Nesbitt

Homework, I love you. I think that you’re great.
It’s wonderful fun when you keep me up late.
I think you’re the best when I’m totally stressed,
preparing and cramming all night for a test.

Homework, I love you. What more can I say?
I love to do hundreds of problems each day.
You boggle my mind and you make me go blind,

but still I’m ecstatic that you were assigned.

Homework, I love you. I tell you, it’s true.
There’s nothing more fun or exciting to do.
You’re never a chore, for it’s you I adore.
I wish that our teacher would hand you out more.

Homework, I love you. You thrill me inside.
I’m filled with emotions. I’m fit to be tied.
I cannot complain when you frazzle my brain.
Of course, that’s because I’m completely insane.


love your homework!!

you rock!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Let me share me LOVE!!

It had been several times since my business partner asked me of what my dream car was. And I said, I dont have one. May be I will take my father's Kancil and continue paying that. hmm..

And may be, after several years of teaching, I might be able to support a Honda Civic on my own.. ^-^

Then, I came across this gorgeous Toyota (although my favourite brand is Honda) I still insist on seeing more of this Toyota Mark X. But when I surf through the net, I found that Mark X has this kind of slogan saying; "Mark X, X is for Men".. huh?!!

This kind of gender bias is UNACCEPTABLE! Women should not be restricted to own one of these! It is rude you know, obstructing women to aim high (even I do not know whether I can support this car or not) but who knows, things can go unpredicted, you know! =p

-blue? black?-

-pearl white -

wow! They are amazing, huh?
Do they have hybrid engine or something?
I dont know about them but Toyota Sylphy can save petrol (gas)
down to 13 sen (RM 0.13 per km) you know,
as compared to Proton Waja of 23 sen per km.

hmm... :p

Let's bake a cake!

actually, for a thousand times, I told myself that I wanted to create a post of
a home made cake I baked last Eid-adha for my family.

It is a chocolate cake with half cheese toppings and half chocolaty toppings.

Let's see if it does drools your appetite.

This is Hot Stuff.
This looks never stays enough.

bubbling as usual..

My mind has always had thousand words to say when I am thinking of updating my blog, but I am now experiencing roadblocks in expressing myself as well as putting my ideas into correct words. I am scared for my state of inability which seems to be stagnant by some means. I have tried to overcome it but it seems to fail each time I put an effort on it. Perhaps, I need to something else to reboot myself.

Moving around the topics to talk to, when my mind shifting from one assignment to the other, I came to realise that human cannot escape the obligation and responsibility to themselves, their family, society as well as religion and his country and last but not least the world. "bla bla bla.. I am getting boring each time I speak my mind.." [still thinking how to present myself interestingly...]

Let me start again...


One afternoon, after I got back from class, I come across a very CAMRY in front of a masjid. The masjid is happened to be by the roadside and therefore I started to pay attention on them which seems to be stopping in front of it. They does not seem to be a Muslim as they did not present themselves like one and in fact, I even suspected them to be stopping by just to use the toilet. owh.. how rude of me! I should be ashamed of myself because the family, eventhough did not present themselves in a way of a Muslim, they did stop by and went inside the masjid.

I peek to see what was they doing, and it shocked me to see that they somehow donated to the donation box in the Masjid and went away. How rude I am for pre-judging people of how they look. They even stopped by the Masjid to donate and which not many would do! They taught me how one should be grateful for what they have achieved in life and try to help others while they can.

For me, I am so touched when I saw somebody donating something to the needy because to donate needs a lot of willingness to sacrifice because you doesnt know whether or not you can get that amount of money back. Like I said, the willingness, honestly sacrifice or rather to share your wealth with somebody else is hard to do. But the love for wealth shall not override with the love for God and Religion. Whoever feels that their wealth belongs to them and only them, does not really understand Islam. Human is always in need of a religion, as God created Islam for human to feel "safe" and able to conform to the spiritual needs.

Gracious God has given us extra so that God wanted to know whether we are at ease to share with others or just wanted to keep for ourselves by being selfish. That is what living together all about. We should offer help while we can, willingly, for God's sake by being grateful for the rezeki.

Human can be of both, nice good person and rebellious devil. God had given human heart and mind to think and have instinct on. Therefore, human should be able to think with pros and cons while making decision.

Human cannot run with selfishness as it will pay them somehow, some way. although some will not agree to sacrifice for others, but many said that when they help others and themselves to become better, as if they are entering a new point of life, as if they feel rejuvenated.. as in doctors sees patient who they treated getting well and improving, as in when teachers saw students changes and improvements on what they have taught the students, and as in parents who saw their children success in life or achieved the goals.

Therefore, we should not pre-judge people, do not even bother to being judgmental to people because it will bring you no good, but blackened our heart and decreased our potential to become better. We should also be grateful of what we have and channel our gratefulness through the correct way that is nothing against our belief for God who created the world. In fact, God created this world for some reasons, not that the world just happen to be by itself while everything is centered from human beings.

hope my bubbling conveyed the messages successfully. =p


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fever and all..

my father is recovering himself from appendicitis. I hope eventually he'll get hold of himself and starts to live the life to the fullest together with all of us, his family members.

Talking about diseases and all, I would like to share with you all of a picture, captured in his backyard back in Bristol, UK. He seems to be suffering of some kind of JU-ONism, where he's becoming the White all over his body. with yellow footwear he gladly stays in the backyard to scare those people to love Ghost Movie.

but one thing for sure, he's style and perspectives of sickness is rather cute where the smile never leave the face and he will maintain his manner while suffering by sitting alone backyard-ly with legs crossed ladylike. He didnt forget to close his nostrils because being backyardigans isnt always fun since he has to suffer the smell of the potion and the sewage system.

He doesnt seem to enjoy himself though.
CHICKEN POX does give him time to think about life.
Zonan, thanks for this wonderful picture.

Monday, January 12, 2009

laugh all that you want!

Posted by Picasa

This picture was taken on August,2008
I love this picture because it makes me feel happy!
It had been some time that I didnt really enjoy myself.
I miss my happy family.
I want us, all family members to be well again,
and be able to laugh out loud while enjoying ourselves in the sun.

however, thank God for giving me
the opportunity to cherish my friends and friendship.
They're the laughter and tears of my life,
6 years of living together brings about
changes in everybody's life.

I observe and look at them,
after 6 years of ups and down,
and after hurdles and hurdles,
we all keep moving forward and
make sure everybody safe.

they taught me about life
and we all changed from the one we first met.
when we're still crybaby and selfish,
to change for the better
which prepare us to the next stage of life;

some of my friends are married,
engaged and getting something
in their lives.

unexpectedly, we all learn.
how to play smart,
how to make a difference,
how to behave,
how to control anger and emotion.
we understand each other,
though with some mishap in this friendship,
it doesnt tear so much of our feeling for each one of us,
we realise we make mistake,
and learn from it.

you've taught me a lot about life,
sacrifice, love and trust.
we changed a lot thru the years,
but deep down inside,
50 TESLians C2 will always be..

the greatest memoir of a teacher like us.

p/s: inspired by writing of cermin aku siapa?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have just downloaded the Picasa 3 Google into my PC. I heard it is a new and simple picture editor, and as I set Picasa to browse through my PC for pictures, I mean, all the nasty to humble and gorgeous pictures taken, I managed to pick one of the humblest pictures ever.

This picture was captured in my favourite campus (IIUM) in the time for my friends' convocation. I chose this picture as it represents the timid yet beautiful smile of a proud Malay Muslim girl. And she is one of my closest friends ever.

Since she is my humble friend, I chose her picture to be my first trial or I may say, guinea pig, to replenish my talent in guessing what effects to be picked and chose on. =) So, this is it! My first attempt to use Picasa, eventhough I know my other friends could do it better.

And yet I am proud to have such an outstanding model with a little smile and the humble wind which gently blow the dress. wow, it gives beautiful effects that I dont think I even need Picasa. haha
Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

doa untuk ayah...


doakan ayah aku ye,
tadi tengahari masuk wad,
semalam dah drip kat rumah sampai 4 botol..

ayah aku tak lalu makan,
almost 1 week dah tak makan..

Doc suspect appendicitis,
we'll see after further review and treatment..

sembuhkanlah ayah aku,
sihat wal-afiatlah kedua ibubapa ku..
permudahkanlah hidup ini
tabahkan hati kami..
berilah kami kekuatan
murahkanlah rezeki kepada seluruh muslimin muslimat...


ada soalan..

kalo aku nak jual tudung kat blog,
agak2 ada tak org nak amik?


apa2 pun, semuanya in progress..
tengoklah kesibukan aku jugak..
keh keh keh

Tuesday, January 6, 2009