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Saturday, August 30, 2008

say sorry before ramadhan kareem..

Do'a malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan " "Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa umat Muhammad, apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan hal-hal yang berikut:

1. Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu kepada kedua orang tuanya (jika masih ada)
2. Tidak berma'afan terlebih dahulu antara suami isteri
3. Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang sekitarnya.

Maka Rasulullah pun mengatakan Amin sebanyak 3 kali. Dapatkah kita bayangkan, yang berdo'a adalah Malaikat dan yang meng-aminkan adalah Rasullullah dan para sahabat, dan dilakukan pada hari Jumaat. Oleh itu saya terlebih dahulu memohon ampun dan maaf jika saya ada berbuat kesalahan, baik yang tidak di sengaja mahupun yang di sengajakan, semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan khusyuk, diberkati dan dirahmati Allah S.W.T, insyaallah.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kung Fu Panda?? Pandai KungFu?

You are TOO concerned with what WAS and what WILL BE

There’s a saying…

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

But today is a gift

That is why it is called … present !

I extracted this quote from Kung Fu Panda, when Grandmaster Oisyi console Panda on not to give up. i love it when Gmaster plays with the word. it makes me ponder upon the fact that TODAY is a GIFT.. we have to be thankful to God because of having this gift.. That is why it is called Present!.. owhhh.. so this present time is a gift. we have to make full use of it...

I found this saying so interesting that I think it can help many people to grip on the belief;

Sometimes, it’s good to change because change brings out the essence to life

As what I quote from Dr.Annisa before;

yang BIASA dibuat itu bukanlah selalunya BETUL
kte knelah BETULkan yang BIASA tu
dan BIASAkanlah yg BETUL tu..


the things we ALWAYS do are not supposedly RIGHT

so, we must make it RIGHT

so that we can ALWAYS do the RIGHT thing

it’s the same thing with ADAT (Custom)

the society announced it as custom because they’ve experimented it and it turn out OK…

so they are accustomed to the custom which later become culture

the culture isn’t always right

people need to mend it here and there so that it cater our religion

we are the servant of Allah

we have our roles and responsible to ALLAH, ourselves and society

there’s no such thing as an excuse to do mungkar when people said

“diri aku, ikut aku ar!!”

Takde maknanye!

Ko bukan buat diri ko sendiri.. ko tu ade Pencipta

Lagi satu, kalo ko kne seksa dalam kubur, jiran2 sbelah ko yang merana gak..

Merana duk dengar ko nye jeritan, raungan dan macam2 lagi..

Lu Pikir la Sdiri, kate Nabil.

Hehehe.. emo la pulak

Da la..

Penat bebel pagi2 ni

Aduhs.. nk kene translate ke?


there’s no such thing as an excuse to do mungkar when people said

“mind youself.. let me mind about my own myself!”

Don’t be a fool… lunatic and so many #$@W%$@$ more..!!

You don’t make yourself! You have a God who made you, with all the nikmat/blessing and care!

You were born by your mother, with such hardships and

Were brought up by your family with so many ups and downs

Your wishes need always be granted and nobody wants to see you sad and sorrow..

And yet, you chose a path which you know is NOT RIGHT..

I know there’s no such thing as being rational on your point of view when you chose it..

I know all you care is your so called DIGNITY to choose.. your PRIDE on your decision.. your VANITY on what people may view on you.. all you care is to hurt others and to prove that you can do the WRONG thing..

Believe me.. I know

You have to remember.. you can taste it in the hereafter later..

This world is the challenge you must face … this world is a test for you

This world provide a lot of risks and obstacles..

You face with you yourself, your family, society, friends, to study, to work, to get married, to live better… there’s so many challenges… fraud, bribe, lie, cheatings, backstabbing… ahh too many to even write..

What to believe is Allah and Islam.. there’s always Hikmat and nikmat/blessings when something occurred..

What Hamka said “Special Request”… a request from Allah to test you.. that shows Allah care for you because you are strong or even weak.. Allah wants to test you.. your choice will determine your view, your love for Islam… to test you whether do you still remember Him, as the Creator an Provider of all the nikmat...

Let me continue with the translation… hehe

…One more thing, remember when you’ll be asked and suffered in the grave, your scream, shriek, yell, screech and cry will bother others… Poor them.. may be they will wish to not to be buried any way nearer to you…

(this is just analogy, illustration as you’ve been tortured so much that it will affect other, actually it couldn’t because you cry for yourself, by yourself.. all alone!)..

As, Nabil , Malaysia’s King of Jokes said “Think the Best for you, yourself!

Ahh… I’m too tired to end with anything Classy…

So.. tata!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kalo borink?

kalo borink?

aku tak dapat nk describe
bagaimana perasaan borink

bende ni boleh menular
mungkin borink
jika terlalu byk bende nk buat
seperti terlalu byk events berlaku
dan hendak ditulis dalam blog
tapi xsempat2 sehingga xtertulis satu pun

mungkin juga borink
jika masa tu memanglah bosan yang amat
di mana kte xmampu nk buat ape yang kte rancang

memanglah borink sangat2
jika suasana yg kte hadapi tu
adalah yang kte xsuka
samada org2 di situ
ataupun aktiviti tu sendiri

yang penting
org akan rasa borink
ble die duk dalam suasana
bagaikan penjara
dan segala macam mas mas
semuanya bercampur baur
menghasilkan produk yang berbau

dan yang paling penting
org akan rasa borink
kalo xigt Allah

xigt kte diciptakan
bersama tugas2 penting sbg org Islam
kte bukan hidup utk diri sdiri
tp juga utk org laen..
kte hidup bermasyarakat
pandai2lah nak survive

yang BIASA dibuat itu bukanlah selalunya BETUL
kte knelah BETULkan yang BIASA tu
dan BIASAkanlah yg BETUL tu..

harap kte sume dpt manfaat lah ye

ni post ketiga aku tulis dalm jam ni
yg xdpt di post on the spot
sbb buat hal

so aku da cam putus asa
nak taip elok2
sorry for the bahasa pasar..
aku wat bahasa shopping complex pulak


repairing a broken soul~pending...

a broken soul
caused by something i didnt know
is never pleased in my life
i bet in everybody's also

a broken soul

has no tranquility
that should become my strength
to further my hope and dreams

i lost it all for no reason

Merciful Allah
please give me hope and strength
to continue my life
as your servant,
and all other roles you've chosen me to

please dont let others break me down
give me strength
physically, spiritually, mentally

please let me have a beautiful life

in this world and hereafter
give me power
to strike for the better
so that others and me
will be able to attain
heavenly World and Heaven

Help me repair my broken soul
with hope and dreams waking up
give me drive to strive
for excellence
so that i can help others
to achieve goals in life

a broken soul
is never a song to my ears
in fact i cant feel it
the essence of broken soul
should be a good teacher for me
to try to do better
and try to avoid what's contribute to it

a broken soul
is never a good partner for my life

please let me resume
what's i've left out for a broken soul to feed on before





help me repair
may be regain
a new meaning/drive from the soul

help me overcome these challenges
unwelcomed unhealthy environment
including the air i breathe .. here

help me become tougher
in the sense of immunity to those obstacles

whatever it is
i'll never lose hope for You,
my Creator~Allah

-ai shiteru-

Thursday, August 7, 2008

MSU vs TESLians

13 TESLians with 13 Teacher Trainees from Michigan State University,US

They came here in Malacca for a visit both to Maktab and Malacca, the historic city. We, TESLians of Maktab Perguruan Perempuan Melayu were responsible to usher them throughout their visit to this Teacher Training College.

We greeted them with humbleness and humility. They accepted us as we are and I’m glad they did because we were appointed to this task at a very..very last minute. I’m really glad it turned out okay.

We had several sessions with them, the get-to-know session, the dialogue session, the tour session and the luncheon session.

The get-to-know session

I met Corrie and Kelly. They are teacher trainees for elementary and high school respectively. They are at the same age as us, 23 years old and yet they’re already finished with their study and head on for 1 year of practicum at the Michigan State’s schools. They’ve already had their bachelor of education degree of 4 years of study.

What shocked me was the way they pay the university (tuition fees) for their study. They have to work for extra money as they don’t get any scholarship like us. They said that our government is TOO KIND.. giving money and all. They, .. they need to survive no matter what it takes for them to further their study. One key element that they must have is… the LOVE to REALLY further the study. And they also complement our government for posted teachers to any schools throughout the country, for they need to go and ask the schools around for any vacancy and get through with the interviewing process and all. They even, to some extent, need to move from the Michigan state to find schools which will accept them at any other states. Wow, so many sacrifices they need to take, just for the love they hold in teaching profession as the way of living.

I’m thrilled and my heart awed so much that it tickles. hehe

Indeed I realized these facts, and I thank Allah for this opportunity to be in the TESL programme. Although initially it wasn’t as planned (TESL was randomly chosen by my friend, Ezulia and put as the 4th choice in the UPU form) and yet, it turned out well at the end. I really thank ALLAH for His blessings and all, that shines the light of my route to become a TESLian, the teacher trainee.

Corrie is the teacher trainee for elementary school. In Malaysian context, the primary school. (I don’t know the range of age but it is a little bit different from what we have here in Malaysia). So much so the same, the elementary school teachers act as the homeroom teachers who will handle the same students for every subject the school have everyday. The teacher will control the class as well as the lesson. With this style and freedom of teaching, the teacher will be able to identify and take good care of the children’s welfare as of the background and learning development.

Kelly, however has a different story. She will become the high school teacher who will be teaching language art and some other fields. High school teacher will be equipped with a classroom where the STUDENTS are the ones who COME and GO to and from the classroom. In simple terms, the students will be changing classes, NOT like the Malaysian teachers who ought to hurry here and there; plus carrying and putting up the same things she taught at different classes. Fuuhh.. penat!

If the teachers are given their own classroom, they might be able to put up something in the class, which every student will get the same chance to view it long enough to remember all of them.

Well, everything is has its owns pros and cons.

The dialogue session

Let me just go brief with this. Basically, the dialogue is about “how to teach and how is it differ”…

Michigan State University, its teacher trainee college believes that hands-on activities and discovery learning have many advantages to their generation. It increased better understanding, not just on the surface but the basic concepts of everything.

For example; their learning is more on students centered activities such as role plays, realia, group works, presentation etc. the use of technology are also encouraged to enhance students understanding and mastery of the concept. Students will have certain projects to be carried out and own researches are encouraged with teachers’ facilitations. There’s also no standard test (as in annual year-end tests) for students younger that standard 3. Basically, they want to show them learning is fun, which will indirectly instilled in the students. Learning is not only about marks and papers, but what the children perceived it to be.

Even Islam encouraged its people to seek and appreciate knowledge, that knowledge is everlasting and should never stop looking for it from cradle to the grave. People should have passion to learn more and more as knowledge (‘ilm) is never exhausted.

The tour session

The most part of this session is the light talk between us and the MSUs (aside from the tour around our historic maktab). We did share some opinions on things which includes Sex Education. Basically, in the US, the Sex Education has become the necessity for every kids to undergo. There are letters of agreement given to parents for permission (for the sake of formality) and it’s a very rare case if the parents does not allow their children into this programme. Sex Education held a taboo word for asian countries to just accept it just like that. Generally, it’s just about the introduction of which is male and female, what should and shouldn’t do, what is sexual harassments and all.

Sexual harassment in Malaysia are so blunt that so many people doesn’t know that it IS sexual harassment. The touches, looking/staring and uttering some words can be sexual harassment and this knowledge is VITAL in order to avoid further crime/misconception by children about RAPE, INCEST and MOLEST.

Well, at least, I think sex education is important but for Asian countries, especially my country, Malaysia, the name should be changed in order to avoid taboo and bad/misconception of what the lesson is actually all about! Well, may be Sex Education can be changed as Human Education, Living education, Life education and some sort of that. Any idea? Please help to improve Malaysian perceptions! Hehe

The luncheon session

They were served with malaccan's foods which are asam pedas ikan, ayam masak merah, sambal belacan, sayur goreng and watermelon. mmmmm yummy! They love the food even spicy ones. wow! i'm shocked but well, at least they enjoyed being here (actually, they came all the way to Malaysia with their tution fees, 6 credits hour will be calculated.. plus they have their own host family staying at Tanjung malim and they ought to teach the schools around Tanjung Malim for practicum purposes for about a month! and they pay this with their own money! wow.. passion for teaching.. !!)

on the way back.. we'll keep in touch, ya!

Last but not least, I’m glad that I’d been given such exposure to the other scope/way of looking to this teaching profession. Now I know how sacred it is to EDUCATE younger generation to become BETTER LEADER than what we have now which full of lousy scandals and very .. very corrupted.

Malaysia needs a BATMAN, terribly!

NOTE: United States of America is a developed country while Malaysia is still developing. There’s may be some rational to the notion of KIND government, but please teachers! Don’t take it for granted by still using CHALK and TALK traditional TEACHER TALK STUDENTS HEAR methods anymore!! aRRggghhh… // a reminder for you and me //

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Envy? Jealousy?


Why are you always in pain??

The uninvited sad and sorrow, frighteningly came again.

I hate this feeling,

The part of 7 sins that had always conquered my heart and soul

As if I don’t learn anything for the past 23 years.

It comes and goes as it like

As if I have nothing to be burdened of

As if I don’t have love and happy moments to live with

Envy and Jealousy

You’re the IT that triggered everything

All you bring are sorrow, hatred and merciless feelings

To hurt me and myself

As if I am a stupid girl who believed that she was left behind

That she don’t get anyone in her back

That she would hurt ones she cared so much

Just because you said no one is in her back

As if she is alone in this world

As if she is not to be entrusted with anything

As if she is a lunatic who views the world only works around her


She does believe the world only works around her,

That everything happened does concerned her

And supposedly she thinks she’s everything…

and that’s very… very ignorant of her…

Envy and Jealousy

Your works is to make my heart sick

when I saw happiness in others' eyes

You desired to hurt me that much

and I hope I'll be in control

someday.. someway

I know Allah is with the people who retain well

fighting over and heading on

the risk and challenges with strong heart

Merciful Allah..

Help me to success!