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Thursday, May 28, 2009

..:: introducing.. my lovely students... hihi ::..

Tuesday, 26th May 2009...

on Monday, my pupils still have exams. so, today, I want to make a free lesson, meaning that they shall enjoy performing arts instead of drilling on paper. So, I asked them to choose a story and then act it out.. within 1 hour, they managed to perform their dramas interestingly. We had a great time that day! yeay~~

my lovely darlings.. 5 Arif

nice to see, nice to hold..
pretty hard to control!
very active and loud pupils!
naughty larr....hihi

they are performing their drama..

the smallest child is the Elephant, using his tie as the trunk.. hihi

the farmer and his children.. heee :D

let's jump, guys!!

one more time teacherrr~~
erk.. this is library la. aiyo...

I love the fact that you guys enjoyed my class..
let's make our learning fun and memorable~~

these are their performance clips..
kindly watch if you guys have time

click on the picture for larger view.tq
msg to ae_
,_ea ot
..yako, dlo tey ton ma I
...era uoy naht regnuoy yaw neve am I
..ahahaha .. selej ngj..

..nak al eerf ylerus si kaynim kisan
..ttok rayab enk nup newak siljam nakkat
...ut kalup gnecmak nawak
..ey 2laham nad 2raseb gnay haidah kawab ..ijnaj

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hepi buffday to kiera ~~

i would like to dedicate a song to miss kiera..
this song was introduced to me by Mr.amin..
he insisted that this is a GREAT song..

it's the greatest stuff for this moment
very simple yet fulfilling song..

it's a story.. and a song
you rock, dude!!

so, miss kiera, keep rocking the world..
you got the hands of a teacher..
make full use of it..
make a difference!

happy birthday..
as i said before,
whatever number you may come across,
you still rock!!
and make the life worth living~~


..:: enjoy the song ::..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

kan best...

kan best..

if there is a human called man's love to cherish

kan best..

if there is someone to care about and be cared of

kan best..

if there is someone to love and be loved

kan best..

if there is someone I need and be needed of

kan best..

if there is someone who understands me..

kan best..

if there is someone who is willing to accept me in his life and me to accept him...

kan best..

if there is someone who accept me as who I am and respect me for who I am..

kan best..

if there is someone to share my feelings with.. and me to share his..

kan best..

if there is someone to share my ups and downs with..

kan best..

if there is someone I cannot live without and so does for him..

kan best..

if my true love comes at this moment and forever..

kan best..

if that someone says to me...

"I miss you so much.."

kan best...kan?

..:: indah selamanya ::..

Monday, May 18, 2009

hadiah seyy *updated*

hehe.. da lama sangat tak update pasal skola. hari ni, most of the Malaccan Schools celebrated Teachers' day.. huhu.. and when there's teachers' day, there's presents from pupils. for sure, I dont expect anything from the pupils, but still there were for me.. huhu.. tenkiu very much.. smoga kamu diberkati.. dan belajar rajin-rajin.. semoga berjaya dunia akhirat :)

ini la antara hadiah yang aku dapat.. comey2 jer.. huhu

ni bila aku da unwrapped sume2 itu.. comeyy.. ske bangat.. arigato gozaimasu!!

ni pulak hadiah belated buffday, from adik aku, anis; the clutch and from lovely fira, the sandals import dari Bandung..hehe. thanks you guys.. you guys rock my world~~! heeeeee :D

hadiah.. hadiah.. . hadiahh.. slurrppp :)
click on the pictures for larger views..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

trip to Quantan.. pengubat hati..

last weekend, my family, my friends and I (ayat skema gaya budak2 kelas aku) went to Kuantan for release tension. haha. ok ok. we came under unexpected plan. ad hoc one; all of us end up spending time in Kuantan. it's fun and i really enjoyed the time.

let's have fun with family and friends!! yeeehhaaa... it's almost maghrib and we 're still at the teluk cempedak.. waiting for the cempedak to fall on our laps. haha.. (bak pungguk rindukan bulan jatuh ke riba).. okeh? owh, i forgot to introduce, that my brother, ejak and my friend, sushi_me.

see, i told you.. it's the moon. haha.. just kidding. it's just some bubbles reflection up above the camera.

and this is the 3 musketeers.. dulu la. now appeared in various sizes and shape, especially me. haha

like usual, my little brother who's way taller than me, loves to manja2 wif me. adehh..macamane la dia nak dapat abang ipar kalo asyik duk berkepit memanjang. sampai ade yang bertanya, kapel ke? adehh.. dan yang tau dia tu adik, asked if he's the bongsu-est.. dia ade 5 lagi adik kat bawah tuu.. haha

tengok la kalo tak caye. this is the moment when he greeted me. haha.. ok gak. rasa la special sket. ^-^ love you always.

p/s: kenapa aku perlu pengubat hati??