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Saturday, March 27, 2010


JOM! jom singgah ke blog saya satu lagi..


di sini saya akan menjual batik hasil tangan dari kelantan, gred A dan terbukti sangat berkualiti.. anda pasti teruja.. ianya mempesonakan..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

hari sukaneka SK Laloh..

iye. Sports Day at SK Laloh, Kuala Krai, Kelantan was held on 3rd March 2010. there are 4 Rumah Sukan competed. Miss Niya and I were assigned to represent the Blue Team called Laksamana... some of the people called our team as Laksa mana? (where is the Laksa?).. whatever they called us, we, the blue team won the Rumah Terbaik (The Best House Awards)..

it was a great experience, building the House with the pupils and also the other House Teachers especially Cikgu Azman Syah and also Ustaz Raimi. Miss Niya was so creative in designing the House and me, contributed to executed the plan we discussed and brainstormed earlier that week.

on the evening a day before the event's day, I went to the site where we should actually build our Blue House. for the disgrace of a Blue teammate, i could see nothing, even the pupils keep asking me where is the Blue house. empty. the assigned carpark was empty.

answering to the pupils questions, after surveying other team's Houses, I confidently said, " I'm going to do some magic, tomorrow, you will see our House."
the pupil replied, " You dont do magic", "You cant do it"... and I said, " You just dont know what I'm capable of".. hahaha.. so much of magic.

after that I went home and on the way back, I saw the pupil keep telling others that I am going to do magic. hahaha..

and the magic works. I used my car to brighten the night, we were up until near midnight. Some marching team pupils come and lend a hand. it was a night to remember. all the noise and also the merry pupils playing while working, it was so much fun and memorable experience.

these are some of the pictures taken on the day. I'll write the second part later. :D