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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

rumah di perantauan..

The holidays.. this 2 weeks school holidays are giving me opportunities to spend time with my family back in my hometown, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

i hardly heard nowadays that people talk backs about kelate anymore, there's not much prejudice and biasness no more, in fact lots of people are eager to come and visit Kelate. and ahh.. my trip back to my home from Malacca was sure hectic. There were too many accidents which included 2 upsidedown cars in separate occasions. I was so shocked seeing that. my heart is already at home at that time, so my mind was only thinking of how to get my body and things home. and before I knew it, i was already at home. hehe.. heeeppppiiiii..

so much so, my father is sick. Last time he got heart problem and now, the lung. He tends to suffoccate whenever he tried to lie and sleep. he had to sleep face down posture with higher pillow and i had to massage his back and legs until he fall asleep everyday. owh. How i pray for him to get better. 3 days passed and my father was getting better.

so, this morning, my parents' plan to take a vacation in Jogjakarta was on. so i send them to the airport. and they take their flight to KL and about 530 p.m, they messaged my sister saying they have reached Jogjakarta safely. Alhamdulillah.

as for me, i took my siblings back to the Kampung so that they can play with other cousins. they enjoyed so much of their times that Ahmad asked to get back home at Maghrib. erk.. akak tak biasa drive malam... lagipun ..hari nak hujan..

yesterday, i had brought Ili Aisyah and Ahmad to the beach, Pantai Cahaya Bulan.. at noon. haha. well, i got concrete and logic reason for them to not to go near the water and play under direct sunlight so much .... it's HOT. yerp, yesterday was a hot day in KB. and today's evening, it's raining cats and dogs.

well, for tomorrow, i aint got no particular plan. i dont know if i was able to fast or not, but one thing fore sure, i got a wedding to attend on 6th. it's my best classmate since F2, that means about 10 years back. hoho..

i got a lot of pointless things to say, but mt father's lappy wont survive long. so, before this entry could not be published due to the terminal and fatal energy error (battery low da ni), i should stop.

so much so, insyaAllah this friday i'll be Tumpat, for breakfast. hehe =)

p/s: soalan untuk jodohku tidak pernah pudar dibenak ini... siapakah kamu? di manakah kamu?