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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I miss Mr.Em..

when i reflect and re-read my previous entries, i felt a crazy feeling of living in Malacca.. the memories and everything about it was a total crave for me right now. As much as i hate to say this, after all the hardships i encountered and endured in Malacca, I MISS MALACCA. It makes me a woman. From a teenage girl who knew absolute nothing about life to a very justified and cool (perasaan je lebih) matured young lady.. :P

and there comes in Mr.Em - a friend indeed! he's there for my ups and downs. although sometimes he disappeared under the radar, he is still there for me. when my girl friends ditched me nowhere, he's there to back me up. when i was all alone, he's there to entertain me. when i needed some help, he's there to lend me his hand.

but now, after he broke ups with his girlfriend, he kind of deserted our friendship. he seems tired of me and my problems. (hey, I did share with him lots and lots of happy moments alright). I even went to his girlfriend's house and have dinner and what's not there. she is so carefree and flexible. It's just sad and pretty much hurting that their 3 or 4 or may be 5 years old relationship ended before any tie.

hurm, talking about my best guy friend, Mr. Em never exhausted of willingness to help. He now seems to change his course. He did not seem to even care about me no more. for years, we've been out and about every so often. Last year, my girls and I went for a movie. so i invited him to join us. he came and it was so cool of him since we're all 10 girls. haha. IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY. that's how I celebrated it. hehe

and when I was ill, he came to the MALACCA Hospital. and also I went to MITC and I had a gastric attack. He came out of nowhere when i called him, like a superman did, and send me to a clinic. and also when we, MRs.King and I needed a ride to and from KB-MLK, he's ready to lend a seat in his yellow car. huuu.. it's a long ride and usually we stop by at his gf's house in Cheras. and there's one time when only me asked for his ride, i slept all the way from KB to MLK. i still remembered when we reached Kuala Krai at 5pm and he had to stop there to repair his car's alignments. and about 8pm, we ate Laksam i brought from home en route to Gua Musang. i still remember, at 10 i started to sleep and arrived Putrajaya at 12 midnight. i still asleep when he stopped by at his sister's. He knocked on the mirror, i opened the door, and continued to sleep until we reached Malacca (Jasin to be specific), at about 2am. He sent me to Aireen's, where Aireen and Alyaa were there waiting for me. owhh... i miss them sooo much!!

and also my birthday last year, after Alyaa and hubby brought me tour around Malacca Night Town (Bandar Hilir including a Taming Sari ride and Boat Tour), Mr. Em came to my Jasin's house to bring Alyaa and me to eat Asam Pedas near Hang Li Po Well at Bukit China.

and the memories went on and on..

huuu... our friendship will not shatter. although it would be tough, i will hold on tight. thanks for the memories. Hope we all will be under His Barakah and Guidance..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The proposal and 17 again

Both these movies I watched with my girls, Jannah and Reena. It was like the moment I shall treasured most since my last movie watching last year. Memang tak sangka, even dah keje pun, kami masih lepak dan tinggal bersama. TESL rock!

Actually, I’ve watched The Proposal before, alone. And I did think that it was a pretty much Cinderella story which I quickly got up to reality, but for this time around, watching it again with my girls, it seems like a dream that I truly wish for it to come true. How stupid it may sound but the effect it got on me … huh! And Fuhh! Is speechless.

The hero, oh wow, thousands wishes wouldn’t be enough to wish for him. The character, the looks, the personality, the family and the love and passion.. they’re all perfecto! Too perfect I figured. But the quality for mr.right is so much about him. He is very committed to what he believes that makes him happy, he’s handsome and very good looking, he’s very humble and somewhat strong and dominant. His family is awesome! The family is wealthy but they do not act as one, and obviously supportive and understanding as well as welcoming. And about the love, I’m sorry, I cannot describe love because I never feel it. I do not know love.

For me, love is everything.. and about everything. I simply cannot put it into words. It pure and unique and it has ups and downs. Sometimes, we have to love again and again without fail with our spouse. We have to cherish each other everyday which we practically forget to do when we are already married. We forget to admire each other since we are comfortable of having him/her in our lives. We forgot to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ every now and then because we are shy. But not before marriage! Before marriage, you feel that you want to show the world that you and him/her are in love. You’re proud lover. And after marriage, it all seems to be diminishing. Hurm, well, I may not know much, but this is what I saw…

Friday, July 2, 2010

adik ku kawen ngan kawan aku?? aku pulak??

haa.. ini gambar tunggang terbalik. tapi terrrbaik punya. adik aku matekumerah dan stu_comot telah selamat diijabkabulkan on 13 June 2010's night. i was one of the eye-witness when my younger brother said the akad... hurm.. :D

and the poyoest couple on my brother's wedding chairs is Jojo and her hubby, happily married started on 10th June 2010.. both couples shared the gap of 3 days of the days they were married. i was one of the important figure on their days...huhu

and i kept asking.. when will i had the day too? i had nobody in my life. i had never in love. it saddened me some more when i heard a famous English saying said, "It is better to love and separated than not to love at all"...
ohh.. how i hope that saying is incorrect for me!.. please help me. help my confirmation bias! i mean, psychologically speaking, i'm asking people out there to disagree with the saying. it soothes me and do me good, for sure.

haha, seems to be out of control. sorry bro, for this time around, your sister's sanity to write is at the edge of being rocked. anyhow, you married one of my best friends. now i know, you made a right choice. she loves you dearly.. and i am proud of you too.

and for Mrs. Jojo who is now turning to be addressed as Mrs.King, i love you dearly. dont sweet escape me.. i'm afraid of drowning alone.. hopefully, be not drown but floated in love, trios of us. ehehe.. stu_comot, me and Mrs.King..


p/s: i will post a decent entry next time. now i'm having a numb nose due to thousands of bersin and i have a really sore-throat which makes me unable to even smile.. nor speak with joy!