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Friday, July 2, 2010

adik ku kawen ngan kawan aku?? aku pulak??

haa.. ini gambar tunggang terbalik. tapi terrrbaik punya. adik aku matekumerah dan stu_comot telah selamat diijabkabulkan on 13 June 2010's night. i was one of the eye-witness when my younger brother said the akad... hurm.. :D

and the poyoest couple on my brother's wedding chairs is Jojo and her hubby, happily married started on 10th June 2010.. both couples shared the gap of 3 days of the days they were married. i was one of the important figure on their days...huhu

and i kept asking.. when will i had the day too? i had nobody in my life. i had never in love. it saddened me some more when i heard a famous English saying said, "It is better to love and separated than not to love at all"...
ohh.. how i hope that saying is incorrect for me!.. please help me. help my confirmation bias! i mean, psychologically speaking, i'm asking people out there to disagree with the saying. it soothes me and do me good, for sure.

haha, seems to be out of control. sorry bro, for this time around, your sister's sanity to write is at the edge of being rocked. anyhow, you married one of my best friends. now i know, you made a right choice. she loves you dearly.. and i am proud of you too.

and for Mrs. Jojo who is now turning to be addressed as Mrs.King, i love you dearly. dont sweet escape me.. i'm afraid of drowning alone.. hopefully, be not drown but floated in love, trios of us. ehehe.. stu_comot, me and Mrs.King..


p/s: i will post a decent entry next time. now i'm having a numb nose due to thousands of bersin and i have a really sore-throat which makes me unable to even smile.. nor speak with joy!


sushi_me said...

chaiyok2 trios..............

MatekuMerah said...

the time will come..insyaAllah..i owez n will owez pray 4 u sis!!
love u!

~ indah ~ said...

sushi : and u too.. of cos!

matekumerah sounds like stu_ : thx dear. glad to hear :D.. luv u 4eva.

kiera@jojo@mrs_king said...


u make me cry with ur words..
i wont let u drown dear..
miss u..n will always do..

p/s: like my new nick..hehe..see u around indah..

MatekuMerah said...

its me la..not stu..huhu