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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

repairing a broken soul~pending...

a broken soul
caused by something i didnt know
is never pleased in my life
i bet in everybody's also

a broken soul

has no tranquility
that should become my strength
to further my hope and dreams

i lost it all for no reason

Merciful Allah
please give me hope and strength
to continue my life
as your servant,
and all other roles you've chosen me to

please dont let others break me down
give me strength
physically, spiritually, mentally

please let me have a beautiful life

in this world and hereafter
give me power
to strike for the better
so that others and me
will be able to attain
heavenly World and Heaven

Help me repair my broken soul
with hope and dreams waking up
give me drive to strive
for excellence
so that i can help others
to achieve goals in life

a broken soul
is never a song to my ears
in fact i cant feel it
the essence of broken soul
should be a good teacher for me
to try to do better
and try to avoid what's contribute to it

a broken soul
is never a good partner for my life

please let me resume
what's i've left out for a broken soul to feed on before





help me repair
may be regain
a new meaning/drive from the soul

help me overcome these challenges
unwelcomed unhealthy environment
including the air i breathe .. here

help me become tougher
in the sense of immunity to those obstacles

whatever it is
i'll never lose hope for You,
my Creator~Allah

-ai shiteru-


Anonymous said...

hohoho..let me repair ur broken soul....lalala..

along said...

broken soul plk...
isy3,kt atas entry borink
ni entry broken soul plk...

valsa nine said...


bya c comot

ade skill ke? try laaa


biase la.. idup ble xhepi ... cenggini laaa

Anonymous said...

ade2..mau ka?!baik punya nih maa..haha..