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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kung Fu Panda?? Pandai KungFu?

You are TOO concerned with what WAS and what WILL BE

There’s a saying…

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

But today is a gift

That is why it is called … present !

I extracted this quote from Kung Fu Panda, when Grandmaster Oisyi console Panda on not to give up. i love it when Gmaster plays with the word. it makes me ponder upon the fact that TODAY is a GIFT.. we have to be thankful to God because of having this gift.. That is why it is called Present!.. owhhh.. so this present time is a gift. we have to make full use of it...

I found this saying so interesting that I think it can help many people to grip on the belief;

Sometimes, it’s good to change because change brings out the essence to life

As what I quote from Dr.Annisa before;

yang BIASA dibuat itu bukanlah selalunya BETUL
kte knelah BETULkan yang BIASA tu
dan BIASAkanlah yg BETUL tu..


the things we ALWAYS do are not supposedly RIGHT

so, we must make it RIGHT

so that we can ALWAYS do the RIGHT thing

it’s the same thing with ADAT (Custom)

the society announced it as custom because they’ve experimented it and it turn out OK…

so they are accustomed to the custom which later become culture

the culture isn’t always right

people need to mend it here and there so that it cater our religion

we are the servant of Allah

we have our roles and responsible to ALLAH, ourselves and society

there’s no such thing as an excuse to do mungkar when people said

“diri aku, ikut aku ar!!”

Takde maknanye!

Ko bukan buat diri ko sendiri.. ko tu ade Pencipta

Lagi satu, kalo ko kne seksa dalam kubur, jiran2 sbelah ko yang merana gak..

Merana duk dengar ko nye jeritan, raungan dan macam2 lagi..

Lu Pikir la Sdiri, kate Nabil.

Hehehe.. emo la pulak

Da la..

Penat bebel pagi2 ni

Aduhs.. nk kene translate ke?


there’s no such thing as an excuse to do mungkar when people said

“mind youself.. let me mind about my own myself!”

Don’t be a fool… lunatic and so many #$@W%$@$ more..!!

You don’t make yourself! You have a God who made you, with all the nikmat/blessing and care!

You were born by your mother, with such hardships and

Were brought up by your family with so many ups and downs

Your wishes need always be granted and nobody wants to see you sad and sorrow..

And yet, you chose a path which you know is NOT RIGHT..

I know there’s no such thing as being rational on your point of view when you chose it..

I know all you care is your so called DIGNITY to choose.. your PRIDE on your decision.. your VANITY on what people may view on you.. all you care is to hurt others and to prove that you can do the WRONG thing..

Believe me.. I know

You have to remember.. you can taste it in the hereafter later..

This world is the challenge you must face … this world is a test for you

This world provide a lot of risks and obstacles..

You face with you yourself, your family, society, friends, to study, to work, to get married, to live better… there’s so many challenges… fraud, bribe, lie, cheatings, backstabbing… ahh too many to even write..

What to believe is Allah and Islam.. there’s always Hikmat and nikmat/blessings when something occurred..

What Hamka said “Special Request”… a request from Allah to test you.. that shows Allah care for you because you are strong or even weak.. Allah wants to test you.. your choice will determine your view, your love for Islam… to test you whether do you still remember Him, as the Creator an Provider of all the nikmat...

Let me continue with the translation… hehe

…One more thing, remember when you’ll be asked and suffered in the grave, your scream, shriek, yell, screech and cry will bother others… Poor them.. may be they will wish to not to be buried any way nearer to you…

(this is just analogy, illustration as you’ve been tortured so much that it will affect other, actually it couldn’t because you cry for yourself, by yourself.. all alone!)..

As, Nabil , Malaysia’s King of Jokes said “Think the Best for you, yourself!

Ahh… I’m too tired to end with anything Classy…

So.. tata!


Anonymous said...

fuhh..baguh mu indah..dlm dok tgk cite katun yg lawak ah ding dong tuh, sempat lg cr moral values..hee..owg gelok je dr mula sampai abes..besela..mcm xknl owg kan..ngee..

valsa nine said...

hehe.. cte katun tuh best r jugak.. tp beselah.. granmaster/sifu slalu ade wise words.. aku ske captured them!! kiki

Anonymous said...

i wanabe panda..comel ah ding dong..spt daku walaupun die bulat n daku cumela papan di angin lalu..haha