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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Munajat Cinta ?!! .. hmmm

I would like to share with you guys, a melidious yet deep meaning song called Munajat Cinta. It's all about asking GOD to bless him/her with someone who could appreciate him/her back. Someone that will be good for; who cared for him/her.

This song; Munajat Cinta, sang by Ahmad Dhani and The Rock, is a
Ahmad Dhani's new project. Australian and Indonesian musicians working together in harmony to publish a song... asking God for the perfect someone to love...

And I found this song which was sung by an American girl. It's good for her to actually sing the song although using Malay Language with slang. Amazing isn't? segoiii!!! <-- as Japanese puts it! hehe ^-^

and I found an edited kind of remix for the song, although with some off keys , he really did a good attempt out of it. enjoy!

p/s: Thanks youtube for these videos! hehe =P
p/s2: dedicated to one of my sweetfren, JoJo a.k.a Kiera.


alif-mikail said...

good one! ahhaa

valsa nine said...

hehe.. which one? keke =p

kiera said...

thanks for da sweet dedication..
great artwork nite yesterday..


Anonymous said...

reli..i luv diz song..huhu..buat owg wase nk ngs..btol siyes kna je ngn situation skrg..huhu..wuv u indah..

valsa nine said...


yeah, artwork rock! haha.. lets xpress ourselves!

hee.. ur welkam..


luv u too.. \(^-^)/

Syazzies said...

indah, sbbkan blog awak terus saya suka kat lagu ni. keke...

valsa nine said...


lagu ni mmg best. recommended for lovers! and me.. love for God and Family cuz still finding a human lover.