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Monday, January 12, 2009

laugh all that you want!

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This picture was taken on August,2008
I love this picture because it makes me feel happy!
It had been some time that I didnt really enjoy myself.
I miss my happy family.
I want us, all family members to be well again,
and be able to laugh out loud while enjoying ourselves in the sun.

however, thank God for giving me
the opportunity to cherish my friends and friendship.
They're the laughter and tears of my life,
6 years of living together brings about
changes in everybody's life.

I observe and look at them,
after 6 years of ups and down,
and after hurdles and hurdles,
we all keep moving forward and
make sure everybody safe.

they taught me about life
and we all changed from the one we first met.
when we're still crybaby and selfish,
to change for the better
which prepare us to the next stage of life;

some of my friends are married,
engaged and getting something
in their lives.

unexpectedly, we all learn.
how to play smart,
how to make a difference,
how to behave,
how to control anger and emotion.
we understand each other,
though with some mishap in this friendship,
it doesnt tear so much of our feeling for each one of us,
we realise we make mistake,
and learn from it.

you've taught me a lot about life,
sacrifice, love and trust.
we changed a lot thru the years,
but deep down inside,
50 TESLians C2 will always be..

the greatest memoir of a teacher like us.

p/s: inspired by writing of cermin aku siapa?


SpEkmATaKu said...

i will miss every1
n of course u tooo hehe

bahazain said...

Heartiest congratulations for the love and joy of your family life and circle of freinds. Love and sorrow is part and partial of life, but laughter and joy conquer
all sorrows. Be cheerful always.

valsa nine said...


i appreciate that. :)

Dato' Bahazain;
i agree with you that laughter and joy conquer all sorrows. i will my best to stay positive in whatever the hurdles of life may come. =)

and surely, my family and friends are there beside me whenever i needed them; besides the love for Allah and Islam which brightened my direction towards the path of life.


Beesya Adriena said...

Oh, those words!
Touching ...
Oh, all those memories!
The ups and down of our life together ....
How much Im gonna miss all of it soon ...
You guys are the greatest and always be ...
Yes, the 50 of us, we are family!
6 years bukan calang-calang kan Indah?

maicher said...

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