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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

early practicum...

let's go through this thing fast and furious.. hehe (teringin nk tgk cte tuh.. owh!)

ok. yesterday, we were being introduced at the assembly and right after that, we (my partner and i) were asked to take over a relief class : tahun 1 Arif. being blurred and blocked, we asked them to sing the head and shoulder knee and toes after they introduce themselves to us. we asked them to call us my the name "miss".. so alyaa will be "Miss Alyaa" and me, Miss Nisa..


so, after that, we get to meet PK1, the one who responsible to discuss and give us timetable for 11 weeks we are there. the funny thing was, we did a drawlot, to know who got to teach what year. it was a long advice and introduction by pk1 which were very interesting and meaningful for us, the newbies in this business.

after a while, it is decided that i got year 5 English and Alyaa got year 3. For local studies, we both got Year 4. how interesting~!

so, we went to search the winning teachers who get us to replace their class. hehe. upon meeting local studies' teacher, i asked him if he can show me first how to conduct his class of 4 Arif. anyhow, he agreed and i smiled widely as the the universe (hehe) since i dont need to do a lesson plan for the class. malas! haha

today, i followed him to the class. it was very enthusiastic class where he managed the students well. and the students called him ustaz. it struck me straight to my heart and soul because he doesnt appear so. he's is more like abg wan su .. hehe. more like a metrosexual but manly la. senang cite, he's very kemas and yet strict yang gentle. unik kan? hurm, i like the way he teaches those children. class control in good. i learnt so much.

and at 1205 just now, i attended English class year 5 Arif, pretty much disappointed with myself of stating the lines "ok, take out your text book". i hate those line of work but i still uses it. you know why? because i dont prepare my material yet. for this whole week, i can say my heart will not fullheartedly give efforts to make a wonderful and meaningful lesson, something that is out of the text book. insyaAllah next week will be better.

although tomorrow i have (i mean the whole malacca) holiday, i still have classes on Thursday and Friday. dont forget the football meeting on 16th april. huhu

right now, i feel like going to recreational park or have some sweat-pouring activity. huhu. because i have too many sleep in my comfy one-room.. hehe.. oh ya, just now, i just finish the buddy-assistance for eTems teachers. haha.. it was an amazing experience to teach senior teachers about English. alhamdulillah the teachers are all friendly and welcoming. thanks Allah.

and now, i just feel like sleeping. but seeing the computer with internet, i feel like writing..keep updating.. since it might help me for my reflection in practicum portfolio. ^-^

last but not least, i want to wite a letter to a heart;

dear heart,

i really wish that i can say it straight to you,
that i miss you,
because everything in my mind is about you,
my heart palpitate insanely rapid,
that ache the chest i couldnt bare to hold..

i miss you so much,
but i dont have the gut to tell you so..
i want to love you,
because i feel it's okay to open my heart for you,
but i dont know you'll love me back or not,
and i'm afraid that i'll lose you..
or you'll leave or even hurt me..

this feeling is annoyingly sweet,
that i couldnt even erase your voice in my head
which already runs in my blood to my heart..

although i'd never met you,
you seems so near to me,
as if i can see through the distance
the smile you have for me.

believe me,
i smile whenever i think of you..
my heart ^-^

hugs and kisses,
-miss nisa-

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