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Saturday, April 4, 2009

we're struggling... short 2009 planner...

i just came back from Kota Bharu to malacca this morning..
i took an 8pm bus ride and arrived at 620am at melaka central.
so, i'm here. hehehe

it had been a joyful week for me to be back to my hometown. i had a time-out with my siblings at the river front as well as beaches alongside northen Kelantan. i just love nature and serene scene. ^-^

so much so,
on 6th April straight to 9th, my friends and I will sit for our final exam as undergraduates. this is the last exam of 6 years studying for B.Ed TESL. it's been tremendous efforts and experiences for us which at last has come to an end. hopefully, this final exam will offer and grant us excellency academically, mentally and spiritually.

and starting 13th april, my partner and i will start teaching in 3months teaching practicum in SK Jasin, Malacca. so, we're moving out from our house in central malacca on 10th or 11th. we're not able to online for about a week or so, says my mother, as streamyx takes time to be transferred to.

and according to plan, we'll be posted to our permanent school shortly after practicum, which is on 1st August 2009. i hope to get a school which is at or nearer to my hometown and that's suits me, insya-Allah.

and on October, insya-Allah, we will be handed in our scroll of B.Ed TESL at IIUM by Tuanku Sultan Pahang for our Convocation Ceremony.

InsyaALLAH, everything will be better..

so girls, dont quit and keep on struggling.. live life to the fullest and get all the best! Keep a strong head up, young ladies! ^-^

p/s: hope to fill in the "tarikh kawen" also in this 2009 planner. huhu (gedik!)

here is the video shoot at the river front,
of ahmad and ili became the tourism promoter for the river front..
it's 10am and we went there right after breakfast of "Roti Cotek"

and i really hope that ahmad will recover from his on-and-off fever...

sleep sitting.. poor lovely and smart ahmad.
he said he dont like people calling him Afdhal..
because they tend to pronounce it as Afdhol..
and he'd been called names like "beledo"(jelly/agar-agar)
huhu ^-^ he just dont like to be called names..
no one does..

-miss u much, amad-


SpEkmATaKu said...

mskkn cepat2 dlm planner senang sket ku nk set nk g jln2 kenduri kawen trip kedua hoho...ku doakn msk dlm planner 2009 hihi..btw mu g tgk komen akak ku y kempunan supplement mu itu hoho..

valsa nine said...

haha.. aku da tgk da.. siap reply da..

insyaAllah blh masuk planner 2009.. best la kalo gtu.. huhu ^-^

kueh bakar said...

ensem la dia tido...maintain...

valsa nine said...

haha.. tengok la sape kakaknye ^-^

alif-mikail said...



valsa nine said...

yeah.. insyaAllah