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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eel + Deeeelicious :p

Look at this God's creature.
it's Eel.
famous to be caught in paddy fields in this kind of season.
it has many nutrients and is believed to be able to help cured certain diseases.
its blood and the liquids around its body can soften the skin;
you can compare the hands of a fishmonger or anyone who deal with fish with the ones who deal with eels. mostly, eels will be handled by young lady or fairly aged lady. And her hands .. wow.
that why, when I was little, my brother used to cut the eels himself and we all, siblings, played with the blood and body liquid.. it's like moisturizer. lol

so, having said that previously my mom cooked 2 kilograms of eels and my sister and I did not get the opportunity to taste it, we asked mom to buy 1 kilogram of it so that she can cooked it again. we chose the biggest one.1 kilogram is equivalent of a pair of eels only.

my brother, Ahmad pretended to be cool. haha

my sister, Anis with the screaming face! hahaha

my sister, Ili with a confident face!

and this someone who dare to challenge others to touch those eeeuuwww eels!
=.= huhu

this the pictures of Ahmad stylish-ing himself of cutlery that he knew nothing of. He did not know that what he is wearing is actually the smallest pan sold there in Duty Free Pengkalan Kubor, Kelantan, Malaysia.

and this one is the 'batu lesung', used to grind herbs and stir fry ingredients, and yet he poses to make horns out of it. haha. what a lovely holiday, Chinese New Year for a family trip to Pengkalan Kubor.

p/s: enjoy the pics! and Ahmad is 7 years old now, started schooling with extravaganza enthusiasm at SRI Aman, Kota Bharu. =)


SpEkmATaKu said...

wlpn Allah's creation
ku still geli ngn mereka uhhu~~

Anonymous said...

predictable..for a boy named amad to do such thing..hahaha..bile la amad nk bergaye macho nih?kan die dh ade gefren..hahaha..

valsa nine said...

sazzy, unagi sama je ngn eel.. pandai eh.. kalo sebut unagi, selera sikit ye? hehehe

valsa nine said...


hmm.. mgkin kalo mg makan yang aku masak sweet sour, mg akan suke kot. knor suka gils slps beberapa ajaran dr abg ku.. hehe


amad skrg macho dah.. kalo pki baju skola. skrg ni da clash da ngn yaya, duk sibuk fight pasal palestine tu.. huhu

sirajun munira said...

huhu yerr kerr sedap indah...geli sehhh...dia lehh menyusur lol!!neves jerr bila mkn..haha

buih said...

nak buat pe pegang belut tu? mana tau kalau tu belut letrik ke?

yoshz said...

belut tu tak patuk ker?

valsa nine said...

sirajun : menyusur mase mkn? aisey.. potong kecik2 la.. mane ade menyusur.. it taste like chicken but softer.. like a fish.. keli perhaps.


buih: belut letrik bukan kaler tu la. kaler itam xsilap. lgpun, da expert da tgk belut ni.. hahaha.. xnk cuba ke?

patuk? isk. belut ni mengAUM je.. meow meow.. *-*