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Monday, February 16, 2009

Momo The Prince is Not That Bad

This is Momo. He is single, 18 years old and lives in Paris.

for you my Valsa... Bon Appetite !! erkk!

Look how tough he looks, right?

I am sure you all must be curious to know who is this guy and how did he come about in my life, right? well, it's all credit to Mr.Yoshz (the concerned blogger brother) who wonderfully search for my Momo. For your information, Momo is a type of person who is Male by nature but play the role of a Mimi, and a Mimi is a person who lives to support Mr.Yoshz. Out of concerned for my welfare, big blogger brother Yoshz struggle to find a Male Mimi a.k.a Momo for me.

Unfortunately, the Momo he found is a bit kinky by nature who love to pose like a girl and perhaps wants to become a cutey "ti amo" or may be the Sugar Puppy for the Datins. In my reaction towards Yoshz incredible effort, I manage to attain some of his best photos which its captions are changed so that it can show some sort of relation with me. Unlike what you can find in Mr.Yoshz entry which had somewhat embarassed Momo in a way no one can forgive (actually embarass me, personally!), this photos would suit my extravaganza character of a young lady.. heheheh *wink wink* oh my Momo.. mmuach!


To tell you the truth, Momo had become our internet victims of blogging and networking
which at the same time, had given us inspiration to write and manipulate our idea.

so, do add Momo in your friendster -->

and Let's go to Paris together!!

Momoooo.. ^-^ Here I cooommme!!


oops! when I was expanding my wings to find my other possible Momo, I magically found this clip
Telling people that we had to do something about people saying things to others..
well, in this case, Mr.Yoshz (hahahahaah) who BULLIED the Momo he found in friendster! hahahaha

so, how can we punish Mr.Yoshz ?? hehehe :p

hurm.. while you are thinking, let's take a look at this clip!

Safer Internet Day

Mr.Yoshz.. for this time around, you dont have your Mimi to defend you!!..
ngeeeee hahahahahaa (evil laugh!!)



Anonymous said... cadangkan kite sebat encik yoshz sampai die menangis sbb sy tingin nk tengok die ngangis..kite banje mimi supaya mimi xbackup die..hohoho...

yoshz said...

tadehal. aku bley defend diri sendiri. haha

valsa nine said...

haha. btol2. yoshz kne blaja berdikari (berdiri.sambil.makan.KARI.pap)

hoho *-*

SpEkmATaKu said...

haha..ku mau juga tapi bukan momo
tlg carikn ku momiji kun bleh cik valsa hehe...

Anonymous said...

btw, momo tuh bwh umo la..apela..

kecik said...

momo tu..mole dia menarek.
gaye cm anak ikan gay je.haha

valsa nine said...

momiji kun eh? si arnab dlm fruit basket kan? hmmm.. t ku bosan, ku cr ek.. hehe

bawah umo pun OK wat.. MOlly sudaa..

anak ikan gay ade ke? erk.. ikan pun da GAY ke skrg? adehh.. [parahh... parah...]