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Thursday, July 16, 2009

sedikit update..

ini cerita amad. iye. adik aku yang sudah berumur 7 tahun. tapi penuh magik. haha

cerita 1

dialog bersama amad semasa my mom sedang membakar ikan.

amad : nok buh lalat dalam api ni mok..
ejak: amad! lalat tu cemar tu ...
amad : basuh doh..

huhu. lalat tu dah siap basuh sebab lalat tu kotor. ape daaa...

cerita 2

dialog semasa di klinik

aku : amad nok wak gapo kertas-kertas tu?
amad : amad ado rancangan. nati tengok la

amad lipat 4 keping kertas ke dalam kedua-dua belah poket seluarnya secara berpasangan..
sesampai di rumah..

aku: amad, mano ketas hok amad ado rancangan sakni?
amad: uhh.. tok jadi rancangan takdi. nok keno cari idea lain.

tak tahan vocab budak ni.

..::update pantas ::..
date : 10 july 2009
subejct : English
time: 1105 - 1205 noon
venue : 5 Arif, SK Jasin, Melaka

for this last period, I used the time to do a language game with my pupils. we used 2 soft and big dices. when the dices were thrown and counted, the person who got the counting numbers (B) needed to describe about the person who threw the dices (A). They needed to make correct sentences and must only tell the truth. if their sentences were wrong, they needed to make new ones. haha. we had great fun! absolutely...

hurm.. and the time went by. I signalled the monitor to ask the others to stand up, marking the end of the period. then, the monitor called, THANK YOU, TEACHER!. When i was about to get out of the class, they made my heart sank. they shocked by by singing the LASKAR PELANGI song i posted before.

Guruku tersayang... guru tercinta..
i dont know how to react. whether to cry.. or to sing along. both seems unpractical. so, i smiled. big long smile and for sure deep inside, i HEART them.. hehe. they are so ROMANTIC and i LOVE SURPRISES. no need to presents or so, just a simple silent gesture of LOVE, APPRECIATION and RESPECT will do. They're the best!

so much so, they are all surprised when i said that i am from Kelantan. they said i dont sound like one! haha. heyy.. i'm a proud kelantanese.. ^_^

hurm.. furthermore, I received the news that i was posted to my homestate, Kelantan. hopefully, i'll get near or at my hometown's primary school. insyaALLAh.

owh, by the way, i am planning to hit Kuantan again or perhaps the Pengkalan Balok for camping this weekend. i really need the soothing sound of waves and beach serenity. anyone want to join? i'll be going with my brother, ejak and will be meeting my two friends in Kuantan. hehe..

ok. i gotta go. i need to go to TESCO now and fetch my Amad at school. ^-^

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