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Thursday, May 28, 2009

..:: introducing.. my lovely students... hihi ::..

Tuesday, 26th May 2009...

on Monday, my pupils still have exams. so, today, I want to make a free lesson, meaning that they shall enjoy performing arts instead of drilling on paper. So, I asked them to choose a story and then act it out.. within 1 hour, they managed to perform their dramas interestingly. We had a great time that day! yeay~~

my lovely darlings.. 5 Arif

nice to see, nice to hold..
pretty hard to control!
very active and loud pupils!
naughty larr....hihi

they are performing their drama..

the smallest child is the Elephant, using his tie as the trunk.. hihi

the farmer and his children.. heee :D

let's jump, guys!!

one more time teacherrr~~
erk.. this is library la. aiyo...

I love the fact that you guys enjoyed my class..
let's make our learning fun and memorable~~

these are their performance clips..
kindly watch if you guys have time

click on the picture for larger view.tq
msg to ae_
,_ea ot
..yako, dlo tey ton ma I
...era uoy naht regnuoy yaw neve am I
..ahahaha .. selej ngj..

..nak al eerf ylerus si kaynim kisan
..ttok rayab enk nup newak siljam nakkat
...ut kalup gnecmak nawak
..ey 2laham nad 2raseb gnay haidah kawab ..ijnaj


Aku... Dia... Kamu.. said...

Ni bahasa apa lar plak! X faham gua! Kasi transelet skit!

valsa nine said...

haha. takpe. itu utk budak bernama ae_.. bestfren sy. haha

biarlah ia kekal .. misteriiiii
(tangan dihayun dari kiri ke kanan) haha