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Sunday, September 7, 2008

the journey~

It started when we planned to go back to KB and MLK together.

early morning of 3rd september 2008, right after subuh prayer , mR.Em already waited for me in front of my house. he's very enthusiastic upon this drive to KL! i wonder why.. hahaha
and after that we went to Jo's house to pick her up and zooommm... the car moved towards the sunshine.. hehe.. towards the route to KL.. and remember, we're heading on to MLK.. huhu

we talked and main teka-teki cerdik along the way... as well as listen to nasyid's CD and some English POP songs which rotate for so many times and also ... i tried to use my new 1 day old camera during the journey. snap here and there.. i notice that couldnt captured the best image i used to when using others' camera. when it's mine, i suddenly lose it. huhu.. and of ocurse mR.eM keep nagging me of dunno how to use a camera appropriately.. haha

so much so, when we have a few stops to relax and cool ourselves (as our journey demands no rush), Jo was offered to drive this yellow car. fuhh... she was so thrilled that she could not stop smiling.. hahaha.. she smiles SHININGLY... hehehe :D she drove the car from to Raub smoothly but when the car enters the town, it seemed that she could not control the clucth.. (notice that this car is a racing car and it rather different from normal car)..

so, me, feeling envious of Jo, wanted to try it too and mR.eM gave a green light to me... :D weeeee
well, i only drove from Raub to Bentong/Karak but i'm satisfied..weee... it was so smooth when overtaking other cars.. and also i felt so fresh when i can drive in high speed yet carefully follow the route as mR.eM already doze off (krohhh krohhh) beside me.. aiyoOoo

then mR.eM took over when we reached Karak and we arrived in UIAM at noon. after solat and all, we went to Jusco Wangsa Maju to do a little shopping or retail theraphy to buy some time before break fast in cheras. in Jusco, we all berjaya menangkap hasil tangkapan masing2, Mr.Em dgn sandal, Jo dgn blause (2 pasang) and me dpt tangkap satu trousers...

then, we went to game site at level 2.. and we played GONG.. i mean Chinese Drum tu.. i tatau name pe.. tapi yg penting, aku memang tatau maen.. hahaha.. maen ketuk je.. mR.eM just tgk je gelagat dua bakal cikgu jd budak2 skolahh.. hehe
dan saat yg plg penting is ... the moment when kitorg bertiga maen LINKED BASKETBALL .. ye ye .. best sbb aku menang nombor satuuuuuu.. winnerrr... mR.eM nye basketball rusak, sian.. dan die pegi tolong Jo sumbat bola dalam basket.. aku ni da la pendek, terkontang kanting sorang duk cuba jaya nk sumbat basket tu ... hahaha.. yang penting aku menanggg dgn score 78.. weeeeeeeeeeeee ;D

then, aku and Jo pegi shopping makanan kegemaran ktorg, TAKOYAKI TAO.. best nyerr...slurppp.. dan aku beli extra SUSHI... yum yum!! habes belikan kueh sket utk dibawa ke rumah Mrs.Em, kitorg gerak ke Cheras..

kat sane.. we all buke pose ngan pizza DOMINOS... waahhh.. best nye CLASSIFIED CHICKEN.. cheesyyy.....dah tu, sempat traweh sblm balik ke MLK... aduhh.. penat glerrr... the moment i entered the car, i cannot further speak. Too tired to do anything...i slept all the way to MLK which only took mR.eM about 1hour from KL.. he maneuvered the car so fast because we still have to submit our unfinished assignment tomorrow at noon. Tenkiu tenkiu... hehehe...

the yellow car soon out of my sight at the moment i locked the gate and turned back to get to the house at 11.11pm...

gOOd nyte! wassalam

Selamat berIbadah di bulan Ramadan.. ^-^


Anonymous said...

baguihnye mr em bagi korang drive..huhu..wendu jusco wangsa maju sgt2..wpn tecik saje, tp besh!!tmpt wajib g tp kali elaun masuk tuh..

kiera said...

muahahhaha..i cannot stop my shiningly smile!
best best best..vrooommmm!

kiera said...

muahahhaha..i cannot stop my shiningly smile!
best best best..vrooommmm!

valsa nine said...

yang penting naik kete racing.. haha

akan ku igt sampai tua.. hehehe