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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pictures tell it all ~

I was fasting yesterday. The reason I try myself to fast is to test my gastric problems and to adjust my diet.

For two days straight I went home from school later than any other teacher, well, not that late compare to those who are in the working world, at 3 to 4 p.m. and for two days straight the teachers’ sons and daughters were running here and there in the staff room, making it uncontrolled and very hectic. The previous day, they were calmed by a teacher, who loves to tease and tell stories to them. They were very eager and very good listeners. And, for the two days straight, I gave them the chance to watch movies from my small new laptop, well it’s a Dell and it’s my dad’s. =) they love to watch G-Force! And so do I. Then, I can do my work in peace.

I managed to capture some pictures with them, I did teach them during school hour. However, when it reaches the time (the bell rings), they and I change our roles, they are just children who love to laugh and me, an in-between adult, who love to work and watch movies including children’s. ahaha. I love kids, but with them, I too, demand respect. They can tease and play with me, but I draw a line, gap or whatever you call it, that some time drawbacks them from me. I want them to get near me, but somehow it seems I do not want to.

Whatever it is, let’s see those pictures of yesterday’s!

And today’s!

Look! there's an angel!.. probably cupid? hahaha

this is how I feel when I lose my temper with my Year 2!

and how i wish to disguise myself and go to Paris! ahaha

Aahahahahha. From those pictures you can see, today is a hectic day for me. As I am the teacher in-charge for this week, together with a male teacher, the cases keep growing from one to another. The very first morning, a mother came to the staff room, reporting her son had been bullied for 3 days straight. Searching for the root of the problem, Mr. Azman Syah and I brought the kid to his so-called bully. Investigation was done by Mr. Azman but from the rumors around I can sense, the ‘bully’ is not really a bully. He is a Year 6 pupil and the kid is from Year 1 who shares the same floor as the Year 6. The kid is a really naughty kid whom all teacher had been complaining about, and no doubt, the Year 6, playing the role of a big senior, asked him to get back to his class. He ran away and fall. I don’t sense any bully problem here. moreover, the kid used to step onto all the tables in his own class and drives his teachers crazy. Hahaha. He is sooooo adorable but yet a really troublemaker.

And then, a nextdoor teacher came to see me, saying that my pupils (I am a class teacher), had torn the books of her pupils while they’re gone. Year 5 pupils with such demeanour, urghhh, it really pissed me off and after I questioned them, the one who’s responsible is actually absent. Hurm.. what should I do about this?

And my year 2 pupils were so hyperactive, 38 head of mixed ability and attention vision/sight. I tried to attract them but their hyperactivity obstructed my lesson, I can only say only 60% of my objectives were achieved. 2 more weeks to exam! Argghh how I hate the washback effects! (google for more information about this).

And now I’m finding my mood to finish up my lesson plan as the PPD and Nazir persons are going to observe us, the teachers, teaching. Just now, they came and went back, without observing any of us. Alhamdulillah.

Oh, I gotta continue my work, see ya!.


sushi_me said...

suke gambo mu hok plg gile..hahahaha..

~ indah ~ said...

care ke? ahaha. kalo blom g paris, xcukup care weii.. hahah

SkyTech said...

macam knal je...hehe...bukan ke cik khairunissa ni..hehehe