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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dear love..

dear love,

my heart is craving for you.
you sounds so pure,
so admirable, so fresh.
you shall give the spirit to my soul to live on.

dear love,

you come in a variety of range.
and now my heart is dying for the soulmate's.
i need to find the one whom can complete me,
one who owns you
and is willing to share you with me.

dear love,

i am looking for you everywhere,
but i had never found you yet.
perhaps, i did not look hard enough,
may be, i am not searching for you,
at the right time, at the right place
and for the right person.

right that does not mean perfect,
but one who can accept me as who i am,
me who has more weaknesses than strength,
and is ready to explore
for the mystery ahead with me..

perhaps i should pray more to Allah,
to grant these love wishes..

and perhaps,
i just need to keep on trying..


p/s: i'm attending the First Steps Teaching English course in Pengkalan Chepa. and there was a man that caught my eyes, but he shows no interest in me. ehehe. sometimes i do feel that i should not aim for him,but some parts of me, being so optimistic, urge me to try to hit on him.

haha. but really, i'm not really into him. he just not a hit. not for me because i think he's already has someone. takkan la xde org lg. huhu..

well, actually,he is not really my taste. hate the part that says, "why not", "at least you try".. because i dont know my taste. fair and has beautiful hands. and has good personality and character. that's it. haha. i may be am bold and loud, but i dare not hit on somebody. i am afraid of the rejection. like any other girls would feel. huhu


shuemura said...

the poem is totally beautiful like ur name "indah"..hehe..

i think u should go for it..
it's costly..and risky..but trying isnt wrong..right?

p/s:that's y i'd like to share "cinta ada" song with kite wat dulu..but in malay la..hihi..

sushi_me said...

indah...u shud at least as him his being....or just by asking wwhich skool is he from...

to create conversation..u r gud at that ..i noe..

valsa nine said...

ksu : ^-^

Su : ^-^