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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ordinary girl ^-^

This is a story of a girl…

Just happened 4 days earlier…

After a few miscalls from him, which Anita rarely got, she decides to ask Borhan through SMS.

A: Nape call?

B: Saje, nk ajak awk kuar.

Note that he started using “sy-awk” conversation just a couple of week before. Usually, he would insist on using “abg-syg” and darling what so ever sort of call names in order to be romantic (as he said). But Anita insists on using “sy-awk”, in order to keep the distance because she is against coupling. But she tolerates with him which make her resorts to “I-you” conversation as the middle road for both sides.

Let’s continue…

A: Tak kot. Saya dah tak percaya awak. Sorry sangat. Awak dah rosakkan segalanya. Dan awak ingat senang-senang jer nak mainkan saya. Thanks for this friendship, semoga kita sentiasa di bawah lindungan Allah.

B: Ape sebabnya? Pasal Mimi je ke?

Note that Mimi is Anita’s close friend who was with Anita and two other girls on Anita and Borhan’s first meeting. She lives in Kuantan, and after some times, Borhan asked Anita for Mimi’s handphone’s number. He claimed that he is going to Terengganu for work purposes and need to ask directions from Mimi. Hurm, Anita got confused since the roads to Kuantan and Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur are full with signboards and yet, he still wanted Mimi’s number. So, Anita asked Mimi whether she is willing to help. So, Mimi gave a green light and Anita gave him the number…

The SMS-ing conversation continues…

A: Mungkin ya, mungkin tak jugak.

B: Dah la lantak kau la. Malas aku layan kau lagi. Perempuan tak reti malu.

A: Wei, cakap elok-elok sikit. Takde adab langsung. Sedap mulut je eh. Awak jangan ingat awak hebat eh. And jangan ingat saya ni perempuan murahan macam yang awak duk cerita selalu tu. Itu pun kalo diorang betul kawan-kawan awak la kan. Saya dah letih bersangka baik kat awak. Begini awak buat? Awak ingat sikit, awak yang salah eh. Tolong sikit.

B: Mampos ko la *inatang.

B: Rasa dirik kacak. Muka ko diat. *untok. Aku tak halal makan dan minum kau.

A: hello. Tak halal ke mende? Sudah la. Halal tak halal masa tu je. Takde maknanye. Cakap berlagak kaya. Rezeki semua dari Allah. Tak payah nak berlagak. Syukur saya xpernah nk couple dengan awak. Alhamdulillah. Nak mengungkit ye, elok la tu. Sayang la duit tu. Sebab duit boleh bawak masuk kubur, kan?

B: Aku takkan halalkan makan dan minum kau. Perempuan tak kenang budi. Badan *emuk, kau ingat aku nak sangat dengan kau? Cermin la muka kau… Orang macam kau watpe nak buat baik? Tuduh aku jahat.. piker negatif. Dah la jangan kontek aku lagi. Berambus kau dalam hidup aku.

A: Alhamdulillah.

-==SMS-ing Ended==-

Hurm, the story is rather cynical where the guy is the one who’s craving madly for her love. Anita’s got confused, and she felt that, that Borhan doesn’t deserve anything from here, including her anger. She doesn’t really back her up to him because, rather than being angry, instead she felt pity for him. Borhan doesn’t really want to know Anita especially her personality and what she believes in. Borhan never tries to understand, or make an effort as to acknowledge Anita’s achievement in anything and he failed to understand what a relationship is about.

During their time of relationship, no doubt that Anita is always keep sending and replying his messages, but the one who always expressing romantic feelings such as “kiss, hug, and love” was Borhan. Why men (sorry for overgeneralization) tend to ignore the girls’ feeling of being uncomfortable and keep lusting their partner with the physical love and lust? If it has taken a rather long period of time, that can be considered acceptable provided that they are already planned for marriage in the near future but still with restriction. The fact that our life is protected by Islam, we should be tougher to avoid these kind of expression malfunction to occur.

I truly disagree to the fact that men and women should be touching each other when they were coupled. And most of the secrets are revealed to the partner before they got married, for example, the menstrual circle, the size of cup and every other tiny winy things. Shouldn’t we all be ashamed if we were not married whom the secrets being told to? We have crossed the trust we gave to our husbands and wives, even before we got married! Don’t be irresponsible to your soul mate. We all have to be patient and keep strong so that the love grew sweeter and challenging.

In refuting to his saying of “tak halalkan”, Anita can defend herself that everytime (only twice) they go on a date (accompanied by a third party), she had to pay for the gas. Borhan will joke about paying the gas with “sayang2” words which Anita decided to help him out. Twice out, twice gas?? Hello. My mom always said that I should stay away from a man like that. InsyaALLAH. May be Anita decides so since he paid for Kenny Rogers’s dinner of RM46 bill. At once, Anita sensed that he was beating around the bush when he said that he owns thousands of ringgits and willingly to take Anita to shop using his money. Anita doesn’t really fall for it and suggested not to bother so much since his boasting manner really kills the night. (How is it possible when he said he owns so much money, but when to pay the bill, he’s rather hesitated).. owh.. man! Especially Borhan type!

And then, he started to touch her, intended to hold hands and stuff. It is normal nowadays that couples to hold hand, but Anita is different. She is no ordinary girl, I hope. And I really hope that Anita will always be different, but not a freak. Hehe =). Btw, Anita isn’t comfortable with the situation when it came to a point where Anita had to shout and then, politely asked him to control his Nafs. Wow! Sounds critical, uh? Well, as far as I’m concerned, Anita does seem cool and stuff but to be exact, she’s kind of inexperience with this kind of thing (although sometimes, she can be a Heaven(Hell?) of

One more thing I want to bring about the discussion, why we have to curse here and there when we’re about to break up? (In this case, Anita never agreed to couple with this guy). What happens to those promises and sweet talks? The punch lines and all? Is it hatred? Anger? Strongly I believe Borhan doesn’t deserve anything from Anita including her anger! That shows how low oneself can be! Serve him right. Although Anita had no satisfaction for standing up for herself, I think she resorted to a happier thought than verbally assaulted that man.

Whatever it is, let me continue with the REAL story. 3 days before the day (Saturday) Anita agreed to go on a date with Borhan, Mimi confronted Anita with an amazing story. Borhan used the number Anita herself gave him to court Mimi. He asked Mimi out since he’s be coming to Kuantan, twice. It is quite lucky for Mimi to have strongly and boldly rejected the invitation and sincerely advising Anita to not to fall for that particular type of guy. So, the above conversation occurred after Friday’s Prayer…

One more thing that annoys Anita about that Borhan is, he kept repeating that he have lunch with this girls, went out on movies with that girls and even to play pool with girls. He even commented that he met a girl as beautiful as Fasha Sandha in TRAFFIC JAM. OMG! What kind of guy who overstating those statements to the girl he claimed to love? Can we consider him abnormal? Well, Anita couldn’t be bother and had once replied the message with “ owh. Me too. I met my former schoolmate who’s now looks as handsome as Hans Isaac”. Well, it seems that it stopped him from continuing to boast about his girls friends.

So much with Anita’s story. She couldn’t be bother with that Borhan anymore. Enough is enough. And I’m glad that Anita doesn’t excrete any tears for him, but I think she’s quite thankful for not being involved so much with him. With him, she can never be herself and she never gained any respect and acknowledgment from him. I learn from her story that don’t easily fall for the sweet talker and punch liner ( I think she didn’t fall for him).. Thank God.

-==The End==-

p/s: Pray for her and me (hehe) to get a better partner and soulmate. ^-^


aireen said...

borhan. x guna. berambus.

valsa nine said...

a a.. da xmo igt borhan.. kut die la nk idup ke ape.. idup nk men2 kan org.. ape kes??
xmo emo sbb die..
letih da nk pk...
senang je die kutuk2 kte..
seb aku malas nk amik port sgt..

thx reen and others for supporter.. thankkkssss alottt.. hehehe