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Sunday, March 8, 2009

sedikit tentang amad...

well, tomorrow, I'll be having my micro-teaching in the morning, and in the evening, I'll be off to UK.. eh.. KB (hehe) my dearest hometown.

This post is dedicated truly for my dearest amad.. he's going to be 7 by tomorrow, Friday the 13th, 2009. I had called him earlier this week saying that I'm going to be home and he asked back, when? (well, this time around he's not in the mood, you know.. and I dont know why)

nisa9: mok, acu gak nok kecek nge amad smeta
mok: ok. smeta.
amad: hello? bye!
nisa9: ehhh.. amad.. bakpo ni? hello...
amad: ho.. gapo?
nisa9: amadd... kakak nok balik ni. jumaat ni key harijadi amad.
amad: bilo?
nisa9: jumaat ni. kakak nok beli kek ko amad.
amad: toksey kek buoh!
nisa9: ha? owh. ok ok.. kakak beli kek coklat. (i'm thinking of buying secret recipe's Chocolate Indulgence)
amad: toksey. nok kek Doreamon!
nisa9: uh? nok beli mano?
amad: ado key kat kedai kek maso amad gi nge kakak tuh.
nisa9: owh ok ok. hurm.. bakpo amad bad mood ni?
amad: (silence) huk huk ... huk....
nisa9: la bakpo ni...
amad: ok lah. bye
nisa9: erk. ok ok bye.

well, if you dont understand the conversation, ask a kelantanese to translate it for the way, this is just children's talk. it's much easier that our normal conversation. hehe

hurm.. amad lately is quite busy with his new life routines.
early morning, he wakes up earlier than others in the house, take a bath and perform Subuh prayer. He makes himself ready for school and off he goes (my ayoh send him la kan).

his school finishes at 2.15, and he has to go for nursery in front of his school because my parents could not fetch him at the afternoon. So, late evening, at about 6pm, mu mother fetch him. and at 630 he will miserably cry because he still did not perform Asar prayer. hehe

at night, if we (other siblings) misses him and give him a call, he never could answer because he's already fast asleep although it's only 8pm. haha.. too tired i guess.
and during holidays, he will be busy playing bicycle in the evening that makes him fast asleep at about 8pm also.

almost everyday, we talk to each other, expressing how much we misses amad especially ones who were out of town; me, anis, ejak and apis. huhu

before i munch more words, let's take a look at these faces of amad:

amad loves to take a dive in Splash Water: Wet a Little

I dont know where and when this picture this taken, but sure he and ili are cute ^-^

and this picture took place in Pantai Irama Bachok when we, all 8 siblings, embark on a journey for a siblings-only-to-the-beach-trip and of course amad couldnt hold long to dive into the shining water. hehe

Again, these green creatures loves to spend their time in the swimming pool. Thank God, Kota Bharu has a Splash Water. hehe

and Eid-ul-adha.. as usual, my family together with other 6 big families gathered for the korban. from left, amad, ili aisyah and fatma aqilah (cousin).

well well well... look at this piece! amad's picture is candidly captured while he, feeling amused, tried to connect the flowers to make necklace, bracelet and what so ever. I taught him to taste the little honey it had at the end of its stigma (i forgot the term) hehe.

and this photo!! at first, i thought it was ili, instead, on 2nd look, amad is actually wearing ili's scarf~ haha.. and yet, i dont know who tell him to. hahaha

and this smirky face.. he made a face when i tell him to pose/smile. haha.. amadd.. amadd...

neways, i have another story to tell..

one evening, i got angry with him since he started to develop a hobby of riding his bicycle far away from home, which is very.. very dangerous.
as usual, i started mumbling it's not good to go by yourselves, you dont love mom, you dont love me, you dont love yourselves, kinda talk.

and he gets me to bathe him. well, children... hurm..
while showering him with shower gel and shampoo and all..
he explains..

amad: kak tau dok bakpo amad gi tubik main jauh-jauh?
nisa9: bakpo?
amad: sebab amad nok cari gewe la ko kak..
nisa9: ha?!!
amad: yo la.. kalu amad gi main jauh-jauh, nati ado ore mari tanyo amad ko gapo... amad buleh la bowok jupo kak. mano tau ado ore baik... hensem.. erm.. kak, kak toksey ko ko awal tu? kak nok ore supo awal ko Fahrin ko? (Awal Shaari and Fahrin Ahmad, the actor, i dont know why he likes them so much)..
nisa9: amboii... amad ingat amad tu comey sangak ko sapa ore mari nok tegur-tegur amad, pah amad siak nok bowok jupo kakak. amad ingat kakak ni comey sangak ko? hahaha
amad: comey.. gemuk sikik jah..


aku tatau nak rasa apa dah.. nak marah.. nak gelak.. bercampur baur... hehehe

ape-ape je la amad. yang penting, i love you with all my heart. grow up and be a great and useful person, untuk dunia dan akhirat. Selamat hari lahir, adikku.

hugs and kisses,
-kakak caca-
p/s: amad now starts to perform all 5 prayers a day.alhamdullah.
p/s2: enjoy this clip from amad in his younger years. ^-^


hidayah said...

sape kate tok pehe?? aku pehe ja bahasa kelate mu..hikhik

valsa nine said...

haha.. bagus la mg pehe. ^-^
tapi mg kan ado daroh klate gok, xkiro laaa...x acii..

Anonymous said...

comell gile kekasih atiku ini..hahaha..amad cm multiple personalities je..lawak gile..comelllllllllll..s usual, adore him!!