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Friday, December 19, 2008

i'm not DAT stupid (aku bukan budak kecik!)

why people dont see that i'm also sacrificing a lot?

He always sees me as trash. No way i could make him proud.
Yes. i know. He's in great stress. But everybody also feels like him. we're all encountering the same great challenge, just in different angle!
i dont know if it's just the anger, but having said that he hates me for what i've done, sacrificed, as if i wasnt appreciated at all. all he saw was my bad, bad and bad. may be it's time for me to run away. he never supported me in anything new i want to indulge myself with. he never agreed until someone else told him to or someone else had achieved the goal thru the road I wanted to take.

why? huh!
it's just him. the way him be. i know i should be proud of what he is but sometimes i felt that i couldnt, not that I deliberately dont.

wutever it is, although how sick he felt for me, i should never be down nor disrespect him.
Oh Allah, gimme great strengths to face this life. Grant all our wishes to be well in this world and Hereafter.

Plz, O Almighty God, Punish and Burn all the satans and Jins who troubled us. Let us be strong and Save us from them and ourselves.

p/s: i feel like screaaaaaammiiiiiiiingggg!!!


yoshz said...

so tunggu ape? blah saje...

zHafHarIna said...

sabar sis...